Felt good after giving a gift to homeless ppl

So i picked up who i think is a fairly clean homeless ppl.I ask him how his day went and he tells me he just got a house thro are local hud project. He got a home for christmas. he and his family had lived 4 months at the shelter. Well i had just been shopping at walmart and had got my daughter a gift. Still in the back of car i dropped them of and give him the gift i got to give to his little girl i felt pretty good about it. I get home and hug my kids.

As someone who also got a home for Christmas after 2 years homeless with my kids, I can tell you that there’s no extra money for gifts. My kids’ only gift this year is the roof over their head. I’m sure you made that man’s week for sure. Thank you for being someone’s angel. :yellow_heart:

:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:You’re not alone there. Not enough for gifts, either, but we’re just baking some cookies and having a nice meal on Christmas day. When my son was little & I was flat broke, I decorated the house to the hilt and played Christmas movies & music non-stop. Now that he’s grown, my awesome kid says my doing THAT is what he remembers best about Christmas, not the gifts! :joy::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

thanks for having a good heart here at Christmas. You deserve 10 stars for seeing a family that’s trying to get back on their feet and making sure that little girl had at least one gift for Christmas.

We all need to keep an eye out for an opportunity to do good. You did the right thing.

Because in this “All about me world” it’s refreshing to hear about charity and Good will and that a family has a home now.

What thoughtful, kind, generous thing you did, Kristi. Merry Christmas!!!

I know that good feeling had an elderly lady today I took to the cemetery she was putting wreaths on her family head stones. I turned off my Uber and help her carry them.

It is about time there is a post from a driver who was actually kind to a pax.

Yes yes a freaking Scrooge I would rather see good in the world and all this hatred

Can someone ban Honda from the group? People like this don’t need to be here. We need positive vibes and God bless this beautiful soul for doing something nice.

Random acts of kindness STILL count! !!! What a blessing it was for he and his family to move into a home for Christmas. …what a blessing it was of you to give he and his dtr a gift from your heart…Merry Christmas! !!

Hater’s will be hater’s ! Don’t let the disgruntled get you down! You did a great job ! Kuddos !

Sometimes its nice to do the right thing i beleive in paying it forward. God bless all of you.

I don’t help homeless people in Birmingham because they have they like to PANHANDLE you to death