Feedback on my rides

No feedback but several rides under 5 stars.
All my rides go the exact same in my eyes…I wish Uber had a better rating system than “its anonymous.”

Who cares? Nowadays everybody rate low hoping to get a free ride :man_shrugging:t2: I rate everybody 5 regardless. Karma is a bitch

I have 2 ratings, 5 and 1. No in between. You have to really be a POS for me to give you a 1.
I think I’ve given less than 5 in a year.

I just noticed your rating. Geez…you are starting to suck. You may want to tweak some things. I’m trying to help. You come on here complaining about your rating and you dont expect to be scrutinized? Not very realistic.

Uber told me that riders are required to provide a reason for ratings under 5 stars.
I don’t think that’s true.

You need to humble yourself and figure out IF THERE MAY BE SOMETHING IN YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR that is bringing your ratings down. If you master your audience, you master your ratings. Simple.

Hey, I have the same rating as him but I have 468 five stars, 17 four stars, five 3’s, one 2 and NINE one star ratings. Four of them were assholes that asked me to do a drive thru on Saturday night or something else equally stupid, two I’m pretty sure were guys who hit on me and I brushed them off, no idea about the other ones. Usually I’m around four or five one stars, got four of them in the course of ten days, maybe I was being a bitch that week, maybe I just got unlucky. Haven’t gotten any more in the last month so just waiting for them to fall off.

One star raters are usually kids looking for a free ride by making a complaint. Your 3 star ratings are what needs work. Those people are telling you you’re no better than an average ride. You have to do something to stand out to get all 5 star ratings. Usually engaging the customer by asking about music, climate control and normal conversation works, but you’ll still get a bunch of 4 star ratings just because some people think you have to way overboard for 5 stars. Just the nature of the business. Don’t pay it any mind…

Engaging conversations are sure five stars IF THEY ARE interested. Also…if I make them laugh, it’s also a SURE 5 STARS.

Engaging in conversations can be risky. I would never want a rider to think I was harassing him or her. It is just a ride. I isn’t a date. I only converse with riders if they initiate it. Most riders don’t want to talk and no one wants to hear my life story. When I do converse I keep it light and appropriate. You can’t be too careful.

4.87 is not a bad rating for a driver. There are several issues with ratings. Some riders think four stars is a good rating for a driver when it is failing. Some riders are looking for free rides by giving low ratings and complaining about drivers. And some riders expect free stuff from drivers. I am not getting paid enough to give away anything. I am giving them a safe and professional ride from point A to point B at a reasonable price. And I am certain if I gave out candy or whatever the douche bags would take all of it and leave nothing for the good riders. And I would have to clean up after them. No way.

Maybe you’re not as good of a driver as you think. Like when a waitress gets complaints and they swear they did nothing wrong everyone has a bad day but when they add up it’s a problem.

Even with it being anonymous I almost always know who it came from & usually know the exact moment things went south. At a minimum figure out personality types & cancel before u start the ride. I’d bet u a fat rat that a good portion came from pool rides.

Turn Off X, focus on XL, Premium, etc…and watch the 5 Star Ratings stack up.

My ratings went up after I stopped accepting uberPOOL requests. Like how they said under five they require a comment but yet there is none

I do pools…when it surges or consecutive trip a 2007. 4.98rating it’s the driver not the car