Favorite popular songs to have in your playlist that get PAX in a good mood?

Okay, I am looking to update my Uber playlist. I only play top 40 music in my car. What are some of your favorite popular songs to have in your playlist that get PAX in a good mood?

I listen to the grateful dead all day long rock and roll baby Jerry lives!! I do dave Matthew’s band radio. Most compliments.

I have an XM channel list for them to pick. Im mostly on jimmy buffet or hair nation metal. Hair nation, Hair nation. Classic Vinyl on XM :ok_hand:t2:

Always nice when a passenger sings along to a familiar classic rock tune.

I ask if they are offended easily and if not, play comedy stations on Pandora. Nobody has complained yet and has lead to a few extra tips

I generally play one of: 80’s Hits, Duran Duran radio, Depeche Mode radio… and I usually get compliments on the music. I was thinking of trying out The Beatles next time I go out.

Sirius XM First Wave, 80’s, the Bridge or Road Trip all get good feedback. Road Trip is a mix of them all.

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Sirius XM - my buttons are set up by genre.
I can select any genre in seconds and then fine tune the style with the knob.
Early evening around the expensive restaurants I will play Pandora-Cool Jazz.

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rap thats about gangbangin on the WESTSIDEEEEEE. I look for songs with positive words, no curse words and has a good beat. I make one playlist for clubbers and high. Noise people. And mellow moods for those late night I just got of work music.

I’m yours Jason mraz, good vibrations, Michael Jackson man in the mirror, thriller, Jackson’s ABC, new edition songs, boys 2 men songs.

Hidden beach … all of hip hop hits but on a jazz instrumental format. Drop some Rezz and abduct their souls.

I use different music styles according to the pax i have or the time of day.

But i often play pop, old rock 80’s & 90’s. And club music.
Or jazz/classic for late evening and early morning times… unless my pax are going out to party.
Hip hop also fits many tastes.

Baby and children also tend to enjoy jazz/classic… usually makes them more quiet and peaceful.

Channels 25 and 26 only (on Sirius) with 95 in between rides. Unless there’s a game on then I listen to whatever station is carrying the game…but only if the passengers are okay with it (I’ve found that they are usually wanting to listen also).

(those channels are Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl and Comedy Central).

Older riders appreciate the classic rock and younger riders usually make a positive comment and say that it reminds them of their parents and the music they listen to. I haven’t had a request to change it in over two years…when I made the decision to stop driving weekend nights on the Las Vegas Strip…no more party girls wanting to listen to their hip-hop music where every other word is the N word. Seriously…I had a car full of young Asians several times and they were all singing along and saying the hard R. I put that shit to an end quickly.

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iTunes playlist. No repeats of artists. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and since. Pop, rock, big band, country - in other words, eclectic.

I had the parent mention yesterday when i had Hair Nation on