Falsely accused of intoxicated driving

I am brand new to this forum, and found you doing a search of Uber Drivers being falsely accused of things. I have been driving for Uber Eats off and on for 3.5 years. Prior to the last couple of week, my rating has always been a 97% or higher. Today, I find myself kicked off of the app due to a customer claiming that I appeared to be under the influence or intoxicated, while doing my deliveries. I am an 18 yr CDL driver who is regularly randomly tested for drug and alcohol use.I know that people still get away with it. However, I don’t use any recreational substances, except for smoking cigarettes, and drinking alot of coffee, and the last time I had a drink was at a friend’s house two months ago. I am pretty much as straight laced as they come. In the past year I haven’t done much on Uber, as I’m lucky to make $10 an hour doing it, so it’s not normally worth it anymore. With the school district’s closed due to COVID-19 (I drive a School bus), and our pay being lessened dramatically while we’re on enforced leave, I’ve been doing it full time to make up for some of my lost pay. I don’t understand people. This accusation is absolutely ridiculous. On principle alone I’m absolutely PISSED! How am I supposed to react to this situation? Please tell me I’m not alone.


I agree with you dawn. It’s a shame people treat the drivers the way we do. I also was blamed of a terrible allegation. I was suspended for 2 weeks while they investigated it. Thankfullly I was found not at fault and returned to driving. I have a brand new 2019 vehicle in which I put 7000 plus miles on in two months. Had people tag my rear seat with a manic marker, leave drugs in my back seat, as well as vaping burns. After I instructing them no smoking or drinking in my vehicle. I finally had to kick out a drunk female after I told her 4 times not to vape in my vehicle. Then she turns around and gives me a bad rating. After spending 50.00 a day for gas and miles on my vehicle and the damage done to my vehicle it’s not worth the headache. I fell sorry for the driver who gets falsely accused of something serious and ends up in jail. Remember complaints are up to the driver to prove he’s innocent. Yes there are a few bad drivers out there but the majority are out there to make an honest living, meet pretty nice people at times and provide a service. I won’t drive anymore. Uncle Sam really got me on my taxes after all the money I spent. Business license, gas., maint, treats for my riders, it such a same that all of us choose not to driver because of a few ignorant people. Smile Dawn I’m with you

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This is the reason i have cameras in my car although your doing uber eats there isnt much need for one, unfortunatelly uber rarely backs up a driver because their riders are their bottom line and their bottom line is priority, they suspend your account impending investigation but I’m really not sure how they perform investigations since it’s the passengers word against the drivers word which means they have nothing to investigate, while i do follow uber policies although there a few i disagree with i still follow them but i do have my own set of rules above uber since it’s my vehicle and not ubers, my number 1 rule is i only ask once if your vaping, smoking, drinking or doing anything else i deem inappropriate, if you continue i find a safe spot pull over end the ride and ask that you exit my vehicle, that’s it it’s that simple, most times when that happens i call uber tell them what happened and why the ride ended if they need proof i down load the video from my camera and email it to them, so i wish you luck and hope you get reinstated quickly unfortunately with this virus going around i won’t be driving until it’s safe to do so, take care.

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I am a retired internist certified in addiction medicine. (I was going to drive for Uber patt-time but decided that for many reasons it was not a good idea. I still get notifications and saw this post which really both upset and angered me because I am all too familiar with the system over-reaching and harming individuals who are neither addicted to illicit, prescription drugs, or alcohol.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned is ride share companies do not have the right to terminate someone based upon the sole accusation.

If a ride share company receives multiple complaints against a driver, of course, they should do an investigation. In the situation you are describing, the company took one individual’s word and terminated you. I believe you have a cause of action, (lawsuit) against the company for wrongful termination. In theory, you could be compensated for earnings lost plus punative damages. The problem is trying to find an attorney who will take your case on contingency, meaning you pay nothing, but they take a third of the money you are awarded. The cost of prosecuting your case though may cost too much meaning they won’t make enough money for it to be worthwhile.

You might try calling around in your area to see if you can find someone. You might try looking up the ACLU online. They might take such a case if they think it is one that will set a president. I don’t think you can get someone on the phone from the ACLU but they do have an online case intake form

The best thing that could happen is that a retired attorney who drives for a ride share company sees your post and decides to help you pro bono (for free,) I don’t know where on this Forum you might post, but you want to reach out nationally…at least to get advice from an attorney even if not in your state.

FYI, my anger comes from the fact that alcoholics and addicts are a disenfranshized, basically shunned group. Both the medical profession and the criminal justice system have targeted them in different ways forcing them into various programs including Alcoholics Anonymous with he threat of prison if the patient does not comply. (Alcoholics Anonymous can be very helpful to alcoholics…I don’t have a problem with that But, I do have a problem with members of Alcoholics Anonymous insinuating themselves into the medical community or the criminal justice system and forcing people into what is supposed to be a voluntary program. This is especially true for people who hold a license like an attorney, physician, nurse, or CDL holder like yourself. Alcoholics Anonymous is a voluntary program. It is not a medical program and that is where historically I have seen a problem. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs such as Narcotics or Cocaine Anonymous have presented these programs to the courts (Judges) as thought they were evidenced based medial programs which they are not

I understand that thank goodness, none of this has anything to do with your situation. I just wanted you to understand my perspective. Your situation is similar in that the ride share company is taking a putative action based solely upon the word of one individual. This is just plain wrong, period,

I really hope you are able to do something about your situation and receive help from others that are in a position to offer it to you. Best of luck to you in your pursuit of justice.