Fair Technologies - Uber Rental Car Service Reviews?

(Christian Odom) #21

I looked into the leasing programs last fall. Payments about $200 a week. Ended up financing a 2015 ford focus. Gas, maintenance, insurance, and payment combined is about $500 month. Was definitely a smarter choice for me to buy.

(Graham Sandy) #22

If you Lyft full time and are okay giving up your PDB, a free Express Drive car looks appealing.

I’m about to try out an XL/Plus vehicle through HyreCar to see if I want to buy one. The costs vary, but this van will work out to a little over $50/day, so it’s not something I’ll do for long.

(Bector Ernest) #23

Driving a rental in NY, 2017 Toyota Camry, works for me…the fee is $459 a week and I make that in a day sometimes…Pay off the rental and the rest of the week is my money…when one of the cab drivers decide to hit the car, everything is taken care of…when I need tires, oil change, whatever, it’s taken care of…I can put as many miles as I want on the car! No worries…

(Geneva Rivera) #24

I do Mavin. 214 a week and that includes everything. I pay that plus gas and I’m still putting anywhere from 400 to 50o a week in savings. And, I drive both platforms. I get my money for the rental in the first 2 days, the rest of the week is my money. If the car is in the shop, I don’t pay. They provide mine with a list of places to take the car for maintenance, including windshields, tires, brakes, everything. I love it

(Michaela Biksacky) #25

Has anyone in this group done the rental with Hertz on uber? The app says $214 plus fees A week but when I reserve a car, it’s $280 A week. I’m trying to figure out which one should I go by. I’ve already figured in fees to the $214 and it should be around $230 A week. Still a $50 difference.

(Bick Bhangoo) #26

Uber Hertz rentals increased to $250 per week plus taxes and fees. The Lyft Hertz is $225 plus and taxes and fees. But the Lyft Hertz can be free if you complete 125 rides (30 during peak hours) each week!

With the Uber one you get the car 24 hours but with Lyft it can take a week. But if you’re full time and can complete the rides the Lyft option is better.