Exposing their problem for a therapy

Do people start exposing all their problems and using you for in-car therapy …the moment they get in your car? It’s funny how quickly they bond and start spilling their life story. I can’t be the only one this happens to?

All the time think it’s the fact they will most likely never see you again. lol.
Strange how I just met you and now know the last 2 years of your life

We’re the new bartenders. People are always pouring out their most intimate details to me. I don’t mind and I just try to give them my honest advice when they ask for it. Otherwise I just empathize with them and let them vent. I just am not of fan when they get creepy.

Watch taxi cab confessions it not new but you will enjoy the fact you might find your selve normal after a while if listing to people problems affairs and so on

There are 2 ways to look at this, depending on what type of person you are. I’m an empath and have a loving heart, so when people want to talk, I listen. I love knowing that maybe I’m making a difference to them. I’ve heard a lot of great stories and it’s one of the best parts of my job!

am an empath too and love connecting with my passengers in this way if it happens even if just for those few minutes while they are in my car.

I honestly think that is the best part of the job. I am also an empathy and the only bad thing is when someone is upset or mad. But usually I do my best to listen then and hopefully bring their mood up.

Just had a girl in my vehicle bawling her eyes out because she can’t find her boyfriend. :pensive:She’s been trying to text him all night and call him all night but no response. So she requested an Uber to go to where he works at some bar downtown Denver. Reportedly he was to be helping put up Christmas lights at the bar and was supposed to be home by 10 PM. It is 3 AM and the guy is nowhere to be seen. He has her car which she let him use from time to time because he does not have his own car.

We get to the bar and of course the place is closed down because it’s 3 AM in Denver.:eyes: The guy is nowhere to be seen. The poor thing asks me to drive around a little bit to see if perhaps he is in one of the bars in the area/street. I don’t think twice as now I too am invested and just want her to find him so the pain she is feeling can go away​:pensive:Of course he’s nowhere to be found but I’m trying to make her feel better.

She updates the trip to go back home but accidentally hits change so that now the entire drive from Greenwood Village to downtown Denver does not count. It sucks for me but I can feel this girl’s pain and I tell her not to worry about it and instead we will just add to the trip from that location. The entire trip home she’s bawling. I always have tissues in my car so I offer her some tissue all while trying to console her and get her thinking positive. I ask her if she’s going to work the next day and she says no she doesn’t have to work. So I suggest that she please get some rest and just think positive and then perhaps reach out to the family if he has still not yet made it home in the morning.

The poor thing exits my vehicle and walks back to her house looking so sad I just wish that I could help make things better for her. I truly hope that her boyfriend is OK. I also hope that he’s not with some other girl cheating on her because this poor girl does not deserve that kind of pain.

So as I’m getting ready to make my next trip I look at the app and this girl has tipped me $20​:flushed: on top of the $55 for the trip which lasted about an hour. So in total I made $75 for that trip.:flushed: just goes to show that sometimes putting somebody else this pain ahead of material/monetary gains and being able to empathize with people is a great thing. While I knew I had lost the trip from her place to downtown I let myself stay focused on trying to cheer her up and kept my fingers crossed in the hope that perhaps we may find her boyfriend but sadly we did not​:pensive:. Hoping for the best for her. We do infact play therapist from time to time as Uber/Lyft drivers and that is for me part of what is rewarding as a driver partner​:upside_down_face:

I call it Uber confessions. Apparently people love to tell me everything. I just let them vent and tell it all.
All the time. I’m like their Uber mom.

It’s easy for them to do so. First of all you’re a complete stranger and second of all you’ll probably never see them again except for the ones possibly in your own neighborhood that you take on a repeated basis. LOL

Good thing I had experience in a locked psychiatric hospital. Taught parolees and criminally insane and a special ed teacher. That totally qualifies me to be an Uber driver!

Yes happens all the time. Hairdressers and Uber drivers are therapists it all spills out .
Consider yourself lucky that that’s all they’re exposing because I typically get the ones that are exposing other things…

I am the priest and the therapist…
I always say, what is said in the Uber car, stays in the Uber car.
But not really, I always tell my wife the stories when I get home…

Lol I think some might cause it good to talk to a stranger u most likely won’t ever see again, but from my experience it’s on your choice either be silent with the usually polite greet or Ingauge in convo you can usually figure them out after a few minute if they wanna talk , were r u driving out of?

I do medical transport as well and it happens more then. When I’m doing uber it’s usually 3-5 mins of awkward small talk.

I should start charging for therapy session! You are also exposing your issues here to people you don’t know at all. Maybe it comes with the territory

I secretly loved hearing about some of the crazy shit. It’s like people watching on steroids lmao​:rofl::rofl::rofl: uber was an interesting job at one point in my life :joy: