Everything else is useless

I found that even playing the radio when it wasn’t asked for hurt my rating a bit. I offer nothing but a smile, a greeting, and a safe ride in silence unless they ask for something else. Chat if their chatty. Change the temp ONLY if they ask or appear uncomfortable - rubbing arms or unbuttoning shirt a bit.

I bought a 24pk of water last week and have been giving it out. Can’t really notice a change in the rating. But for my gullible surprise i found it does not equal tips — which was the main motivator in the first place. So no more free water from me.

Not so much from my experience. I had done similar things before, offered both water and mints, sometimes even chocolates but still my rating dropped to a below average point at certain point.

I feel that the rating system is designed more on the basis of subjective feeling (which can be dependent on many factors that don’t even have to have anything to do with the driving experience itself) rather than mutual respect, as us the drivers can all relate that ratings from the riders can be random sometimes, as rating only happens after the rider leaves the car.

I provide the rider a service to drive the rider from point A to B safely for which I get paid little. why the hell would I offer anything extra out of pocket?

If you are on UberX, I wouldn’t even consider providing snacks and gum. I keep water in the interior door panels of my car but I only extend the offer to riders who’s requests are 10 miles or more.

I recall a passenger who wanted me to take him about 2 blocks. He saw the water and he was like “Nice, you have water”. As he went to grab it, I told him “Not for a .8 mile ride I don’t” Hey, if airlines can do it, why can’t I?

Once I’m a 4.85 or so, I’m cutting off the candy and water supplies. Asshats don’t even say thanks or tip, and I don’t want them to feel like every Uber Driver should have this in their car.

There is no value in trying to make friends with the guy who’s paying you less than a buck a mile to get to his favorite watering hole. Be cordial, professional, and courteous.

But under no circumstances should you be giving out anything. A safe ride in a clean car by a pleasant driver is your only recipe for success.

I keep water in a jump bag on the front passenger seat with me and only offer it on weekends after I have picked someone up from a bar/restaurant and can clearly tell they are quite intoxicated.

Most of my pax have declined it, but thinking from their perspective, I would be happy to know it was there and it be offered. As far as chargers go, I have both Android and iPhone cords hooked up and directed towards the backseat.

I’m sure you would appreciate it. When I took the bus I’d have loved a free coke offered by the driver from an ice chest and a charger by my seat to charge my phone too. They don’t offer that.

Hell when I go to most restaurants I’d love a place to plug in my phone too but even though I’m paying WAY more than I would for an Uber their rather stingy with the freebies. Everyone loves free stuff but free stuff isn’t free.

No need to offer, why would someone take candy or water from someone they don’t knw well? Also they need ride basically and you are providing the service, it’s not they are doing some ride experience for your sake. And if I want kiss bum experience, I would rather request a limo or highest fare ride. Rather looking to cheap rides save money.

Aside from the initial expense to get an iPhone charger, the expense to me is zero. I think it’s important to think about the experience from the rider’s pov. If a driver can provide something as simple as a charger to their riders, is it really that impactful on the driver? Let’s be reasonable here.

I had a old bag of peppermints I was going throw away and put em in the back of the ole uber (xmas leftovers from a over year ago). Didn’t buy em, didn’t want em. Most of them are still there lol, but I guess it appears like I gave an effort.