Everyone should just always be grateful for what they have

No more complaining. Only positivity.

Throughout history, everyone who has complained about unfair practices or conditions have been completely wrong:

Rosa Parks shouldn’t have been so negative. She should’ve just been glad she was on the bus. She didn’t have to start a fight. How hard would it have been to just walk to the back of the bus? Geez.

MLK Jr didn’t have to be so negative. If he didn’t like this country, he could’ve left. No need to lead a civil rights campaign!

Now I’m not comparing us to the greatest civil rights leaders, but I am trying to illustrate how ridiculous it is when people try to force this mindset of positivity only. If you’re only ever positive and grateful, and you turn a blind eye to what is wrong in a company (or country, or any relationship), then no change will be made. There are times to be positive and times to speak the truth and stand up for what’s right.

Everyone on here is sharing their personal views or experiences. People have a right to know the truth when they look for it. They definitely don’t get it from Uber. (For instance, on the passenger app Terms & Conditions: “Any representation by Uber … to the effect that tipping is ‘voluntary,’ ‘not required,’ and/or ‘included’ in the payments you make for services provided is not intended to suggest that Uber provides any additional amounts, beyond those described above, to the Third Party Provider.”)

You come on here swearing and making threats. Its not appreciated and goes against the rules of the forum. The moderator in the other post gave out a warning to all so please respect that post. Thanks again.

Um, “peanut gallery” chiming in, since you brought it up: This statement about you saying maybe when we get ripped off by cab companies & appreciating Uber??? Last time I checked, this is a RIDER point of view and experience.

You can shower, pee in a real bathroom and get your sleep. However, not being on-call 24/7 and that means you will not be making a living off of Uber. You will simply be padding your bank account with extra cash, but you wont be living off of it. Therefore you need to go to the extreme literally living out of your car to make a check which you can be proud.

I was against the latest fair decreases because it didnt yield any additional business and it put less money into my pocket. I believe they did it because the local car services were reducing their rates, but people had a lot more complaints against the local car services which went beyond money. The passengers would have called Uber with or without the fair decrease.

Big problem I have with the forum is the members that hijack other members post and comments, I had to block a few members, because every 2nd or 3rd post I do they use me to talk **** about the uber lease-to-own.

Now I can agree with you a bit on this. It makes a little more sense. But in your initial post, you were getting on people telling them to grow up for complaining about it.

Painfreepc, you do realize that most of the messages on here are probably by dedicated trolls. Ive been on a number of different forums over the years about many different topics. Lets say, for example, Yahoo finance. Many times the people posting in those forums had no positions in the stocks and didnt trade the market yet they kept posting. Some people get some joy out of trolling forums and they might be paid or not paid. Im not sure.

Negative opinions from negative experience. Look around in the news and what most drivers are dealing with, when it comes to the people running Uber. This isn’t imaginary and it’s not made up. It’s reality. If life is great in your experience, then good! I’m glad you can say that. I just wish a much higher % of people could say the same. The majority do not share your experience.

I think the main issue for most drivers is that there are a lot of claims by uber for drivers to make x number of dollars an hour and it isn’t happening. Also by stating the gross drivers make is deceiving. At the minimum the safe ride fee should be taken out (maybe it is)and the 20%, those are fixed and the same every time.

The pay per hour should be after those are taken out and then you have a fairer pay per hour amount, even though you still have gas, vehicle maintaince,ect… I think most drivers like uber in general and are frustrated they can’t make a living doing it, especially those that started at the higher fate rates. A forum is for good and bad. Let those who have issues vent them, open dialogue is good unless it is all on sided which I dont think everyone is

I will have you know I live under a very nice bridge in one of the highest income areas of the nation. Great view. Beachside accommodations. Minutes to excellent restaurants. World class art galleries. A truly cosmopolitan hub of international activity.

I find that everyone here on this forum is good people. We, have enough b.s. to deal while driving on the road with the Pax. Etc etc. Besides it’s the Christmas Holiday for many @ least “Be happy…”