Ever feel like Uber blocks requests?

Sometimes if I miss a request, I feel that I don’t get another one for hours. Has anyone else had that experience as well? For other reasons, I don’t trust corporate as far as I can throw them.

Yeah, sometimes you do get that feeling but I don’t think Uber intentionally blocks requests. It just leads to poor service if they start blocking drivers. Now Uber just puts you offline after few missed requests in a row. It’s lot easier to put drivers offline then blocking requests.

True, It’s likely just my own mind playing tricks.

Although I did drive all the way through Dallas for about 4 hours after my initial post without a request. Then I finally got one in the worst part of town, and ended up being the second worst trip I’ve ever gotten in my life. Sometimes coincidence doesn’t seem as such. But things are back to normal now.

LOL Uber works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you’re inundated with requests and other times it’s totally dead!