Entire 2 weeks work gone in the slam of a door

Wow, seriously? Passenger maliciously and intentionally slammed the door on my Volvo xc90. Breaking window lift mechanism. Total repair cost $867. Not to mention an entire week lost not working, waiting for parts. I report it to uber, with video, photos and receipts. In response, I am told it is normal wear and tear.

Thanks uber…

FYI, Uber has a $1000 deductible. So even if they ruled it the fault of the passenger you still would get nothing for that. The max they are willing to charge the passenger is $150-$200, depending on your area. Anything above that goes through insurance with the deductible. Even if its more than $1000 the coverage for vehicle damage is a contingent insurance policy, meaning Uber only covers it after your personal insurance refuses to cover it. So you better make sure you have the right type of insurance to be driving Uber. You don’t want them finding out after the fact.

But you can sue anyone for anything in the US. The bigger questions are how likely are you to win a lawsuit, and does the other part have enough money for a sizable settlement.

The max they would pay, without a insurance claim, is $250. That’s what I got when a PAX ripped off the cover over my rear hatch latch.

Horrible. You should definitely meet with an attorney. That’s a small claims case and most plaintiffs lawyers will work on contingency. Nobody should get away with that. Great that you have evidence.

I have slammed some doors pretty hard over 20 years and almost 30 vehicles later and not once did I ever have a part of the door or it’s internal ever break or fail. Hard to imagine 1 passenger could be incredible hulk and break your door without it already being a prior issue. Just saying.

Right? There was definitely something a little messed up before the passenger did anything. I saw someone say one overweight passenger going a couple miles ruined their alignment? Lol

Yeah I agree. I have out of anger slammed some car doors pretty damn hard and never had anything break. Had to be a part that was already on its way out.

i thought ao until i came on here and see grown ass men complaining while they drive 12 hours a day everyday. Come on guy just go work a 40-- labor wont kill you. Sitting all day can be worse

I’m a massage therapist. I used to drive when I was disabled lol. But now id only do it on weekends for surges period :joy: I’m too used to the pay they used to pay drivers. I miss those 200$-300 rides on surge in okc lol. Easy money. However now doing massage therapy I make easy money and I don’t consider it hard work since I can work from home lol.

I mean are you really your own boss working for a company who holds control over your wages and such? I’m my own boss bc I charge my clientele what I want to charge and report my own income… uber isn’t a independent contractor situation no matter how hard they tout this fact publicly :joy: plus they can fire you directly so that whole self employed thing is a farce.

almost my exact position as well. I usually just shoot for $150 in a six hour weekend night. I always get it but hardly ever that much more

That happened to me 3 weeks ago, girl leaned out my window to smoke. Long story short my window would no longer roll up. Uber said normal wear an tear, paid $145 to have it fixed.

you let her roll the window down to smoke in your car? I would have said no, as I’ve had cancer and the smoke is still gonna come inside the car :unamused:

yeah but how many hours does it take to fix? If he buys the part online he can go around and get quotes on labor and probably find a place to do it for alot less

oh I know, I’m just saying the part may be cheap, but labor could be the one to charge that much. I see where you’re getting at. Probably found the first place and that’s what he’s going with.

labor can be more than the part. And at Volvo and nicer car dealerships the labor is crazy. I can’t take my Vw eos to anyone but a Volkswagen dealer bc the top to my convertible has over 300 moving parts and I don’t want anyone messing with it when the top costs 4000 alone to replace if broken. The labor at VW is nuts where I live. Brakes are 800$ easyyyyyyy

I can understand brakes but I looked up how much the part is and its not that much for one of them. It cant possibly take that long to instal either since it would go in the door.

Window motor for over $800? You got ripped off.

Try to claim damage. Uber did that for me last year when passenger smashed my windshield and awarded me $200 for “cleaning fee”