Earnings not showing up in my bank account

So I used Instant Pay for Uber on Sunday Night to cash out $404 which were my earnings from Thursday through Sunday. My $56 from Lyft cashed out just fine. As of Monday morning $304 of my money was not showing up in my bank account but was displaying in my account history as deposited.

I contacted my bank and they said that the first $100 was processed but that it appeared as though the sender did not have enough money available to cover the full deposit and that the bank processed the amount to the nearest $100 dollar amount that would process and that they would retry the deposit each day until the full amount would process.

The full amount processed this morning, which just so happens to be the same time when any remaining funds from Uber would be direct deposited anyways, but it did not show up as a separate line item which means that no additional deposit was made and that my bank was likely telling the truth and was repeatedly attempting to re-process the original transaction until it cleared in full.

This is concerning because it involves money that I earned. I can only think of two things. 1. Insolvency, creating an inability to pay out funds due to excessive spending (potentially including lawsuits) and debt. 2. Uber had some kind of accounting/processing error that caused a severe delay in the processing of 3/4 of my money.

Neither concept makes much sense to me but Uber’s lack of a response when I inquired about this issue on Monday evening doesn’t make much sense either; almost like they are ignoring it or don’t wish I acknowledge its occurrence. Lastly what is the point of paying $0.50 to cash out via instant pay if you don’t receive 3/4 of your money until the regular direct deposit day for the prior week anyways?

With uber I use their bank which is go bank, and they send me a debit card in the mail. I can use it anywhere. I transfer the money from app to go bank. Then I got to free Atm and take out my money and go to my bank and deposit, or you can do automatic transfer from go bank to your account. I just prefer to take it out and go deposit. I get it right away.

She is right. There’s a scam now where someone calls you and then get you to say “yes” to use your voice to authorize transactions. And the other she is referring to is your account info being in uber/lyft system and it gets hacked and info stolen.

But but but… uber has ALL your other info and if they get hacked they’ll still have your Go account soooo… it’s a problem either way u slice it i guess

that IS a phishing technique but they need much more information than just that. If I were to call you right now and get you to say “yes” and I record it that alone isn’t going to do me much good.

I guess it seems obvious to me because the military drills this into us and we regularly hear about the latest scams. I basically never answer a number not in my contact list, especially out of state. Easy, no big deal, never had an issue.

You’re way more likely to get screwed by paying at the pump, which I’m guessing at least someone here does regularly, than through this method.

Your bank could have been mistaken and the treated it like depositing a check? With a check the firet 100 or 200 is available immediately and the rest is available the next day or a few days after depending on the bank

Probably a one off, while Uber is facing issues I doubt that “insolvency” was the reason they couldn’t send you a couple hundred bucks in revenue that was generated in the past few days.

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor…it was likely a one time technical error. Shit happens. My advice would be to relax and be glad you did get paid. Their website even says processing errors can happen and you’ll get your money within a couple days, which you did. You were right about one thing, neither of your theories makes sense and I don’t know what you’re expecting with uber re: their lack of response. What do you want them to say? An “instant” pay out is not guaranteed.


All good questions. Sorry it happened to you. Wonder if this has happened with others

No problem ever with Uber instant pay. Boosts, promotions, etc., Are not included in instant payment, and are always deposit on your bank account as a regular payment (on Mondays and usually funds are available Tuesday/Wednesday.

Don’t have boosts, promotions or incentives of any kind, been driving full time for over two (2) years. The instant pay deposit posted immediately but the funds were not attached to it. My bank said they were re-processing the transaction and that the funds weren’t there.

I got message on Saturday that they will do maintenance/upgrading and that the instant pay will not be available from Saturday evening till Sunday late morning. Anyhow, I believe that your problem with the instant payment was a technical issue!

I rarely do instant pay, but I did it Sunday night for $783 and $703 showed up in my bank (B of A) instantly. They hold back the rest until the regular transfer, so my request went normally. If you’re not using a large bank, I’ll bet that’s where your problem was. Uber has a lot of problems but cash flow isn’t one of them.

Payout with uber with me is instant, lyft on the other hand…I have stopped cashing out, I’ll cash out they take my fee and it only gets deposited on a normal day, they told me it’s my bank. I explained to them that the first months with them (lyft) payout was I start, now it’s “broken”

They are having financial problems because they wouldn’t have started the upfront pricing scam if they weren’t and they have not turned a profit in several years (like ever really) as they lost 3.1 Billion dollars last year after applying revenue. Therefore I think in conjunction with the recent PR issues, lawsuits, loosing big name investors, lack of profit and recent severe decrease in market share, insolvency could very well be a real issue either now or in the future. Hell they don’t even reimburse for tolls in my market (Maine) they used to reimburse me for even with receipts.

I never use any of these Uber "special " deals…too many strings attached…

I used instant pay for the first time this past weekend only because I didn’t want to get Screwber’d. I got my first “good” surge during the bar rush, 18 miles at 3.5x, my take was about $55. I didn’t want these young idiot girls to complain the next day and Uber do their usual unilateral “fare adjustment,” so I cashed out. They can’t screw with it if it’s gone.

Because people in general are check to check more often than not. … otherwise… why would you do this job??? Lol sometimes needs are more immediate and people cash out

I highly recommend the GoBank card. No fifty cents to cash me ousside. I can stash money away and pull it back out as needed. The app for the card is convenient. Lots of local bank and credit union ATMs to pull money out no charge.

Yeah but Banks and their ATM’s in maine only deal in 20s and I don’t want to bother with only getting some of my money nor do I want to deal with ATM’S.

Had a similar issue Last week. I sent repeated emails back and forth. Finally on Tues a day early I got my money