Drug testing for Uber/lyft drivers

I would like to see Uber and lyft do drug testing for drivers. Some of us are driving disable individuals as part of a pilot in Boston. One of those ride recipients is a family member k

Drug testing is a waste of money and resources. It would not help remove bad drivers. It is so easy to pass a drug test, even when you are a repeat user. Drugs do not stay in your body forever. A week of sobering is enough to pass a drug test.

What percentage of drivers do you think do drugs? My guess is about 5%. Out of that 5%, how many do you think are serious drug abusers? I think it would be less than .5%, maybe, or even less. Majority of the serious drug abusers wouldn’t even make it through the first stage of the background check due to past drug charges.

In my opinion, background checks are sufficient to weed out potentially harmful drivers. :+1:

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