Drove 21 minutes away and no cancellation fee!?

I am SOOO freaking mad :rage:

I got a request 21 minutes away to pick up someone and I get there and he said “oh sorry I don’t need you anymore”

And uber Refuses to pay me a cancellation fee because I didn’t wait 5 minutes.?!?!? His whole family was in the drive way what did you want me to do say “oh sorry I have to sit here for 5 minutes”?!?! Seriously???

I have the same problem most Sundays from like 4am- 8am. Like… what would y’all do if I stopped driving?

Usually if it hits the 5 minute mark if they cancel you still get the fee if they cancel. I’m with the other people i wouldn’t have cancelled until after the five minutes from arriving. I’m at least getting my gas money back for that.

I was gonna say I used to live in the sticks in MD and the closest gas station was 10 miles away.

Reach out to passenger and inform them via text due to the length of the drive for pickup, you’re starting the trip on the way to them. Have them respond consent or cancel if they do not agree. Problem solved.

I like how now it shows how long the trip is. Not to them, but from them. So you know the airport trips or just long runs.

Ya having them cancel is the best way to deal with that situation since they plainly admit it’s their fault

I would have sat right there blocking the driveway until he cancelled or the 5 minute no show applied

THAT is how you do it! “Oh, no longer need me after I’ve driven over 20 minutes… no worries; You’ll need to cancel the ride so that I am compensated for your lack of consideration.”

I never accept trips more than 9 min away. Seems that they always cancel while I’m en route or almost there. They’re never in areas I want to head towards anyway.

I’ll take those. If you make it to the 5 minute mark you get the cancellation fee and didn’t have to drive anyone. This happens to me every night when bars close an people get impatient usually after the 5 minute mark and cancel.

I get those all the damn time. I don’t do Uber pool. They can stick that where the sun don’t shine. Lol

I very rarely have anyone cancel- cause I’m the only one so they need me

Worst case it’s drive 25 min for a 12 min trip

Yes…If they ask me why I’m sitting there, I will gladly explain I am simply waiting 5 minutes to recoup my travel expenses to get here.

Taking a trip over 15 minutes is a roll of the dice. I took one 18 minutes away and was a 32 dollar trip but have got them that were minimum. Just the chance you take.

He should’ve cancelled before you drive all that way. I had a similar situation Friday night. I was coming south on the highway and got a request to go north, so I turned around and went 5 exits, over 20 minutes, got there, texted and called, waited the 5 minutes and no cancellation fee. Uber said he cancelled within 20 seconds but it never told me in the app. Such a waste of time!

That’s the thing Uber needs to start taking in to consideration. Uber should charge more for the longer trips just to pick up. I had to drive 30 miles for a pick up just to take them 5 miles up the road. I lost a lot of money because i had a 60 mile trip and only made $3.

Why in the world would you accept a 30 mile pickup? I got burned a few times going 8 miles. No way I’d go 30 unless I had a guarantee payout

I still have 100%, but the few times I get these far runs are usually when I’m sitting there bored and it always turns into more work right after. So so far it’s been good, but if I see another past the ten minute mark I’ll ignore it.