Driving the public is an inherently dangerous job

No gun control laws. I conceal carry whenever I am outside my home. Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6. I am a combat veteran. I can and will take care of myself. I have felt a little unconfortable with a few pax, but I also have good situational awareness. My car my rules my say.

That’s why you should always carry a gun or least a knife (If only DC and Maryland weren’t such tightwads about it). I guess I’ve just been lucky.

If there were no safe rider fee at all would you be saying the same? On paper our commission would look higher in reality it would be the exact same except they would most likely need to raise their commission so you would make less.

I am for the SRF and any raise they make to it as long as it doesn’t affect the commission they take from me. My charge is the fare, base fare + mileage + time, that is all I can count into my pay not some stupid added on safe rider fee.

But if person is that frightened of the general public, perhaps livery driving isn’t the best occupational choice for such a person.

If Uber were at all honest, the SRF would be renamed the AUP fee - Additional Uber Profit. Yes, the SRF is complete and total bullshmit and it has nothing to do with actual safety, but that’s just how our “partner” operates.

I’m not taking sides on this silly debate, but I’m just saying that Uber has made it clear what its intentions are. On the other hand, you’re an IC driving your car, so you can pretty much do whatever you please, legally speaking.

But if a person is so mistrusting of the general public that one feels compelled to arm oneself before leaving one’s home, livery driving is not a good occupational choice for such a person.

Sorry to tell you but I seriously doubt it has anything to do with negligence or a lack of consideration. If you, I and/or anyone else here builds a transportation service that requires the end user to do anything more than provide basic information, payment details and maybe, just maybe their social security it will be a failure.

You are not creating the path of least resistance but one where a simple service such as transportation requires a passenger to go through a series of procedures and processes.

Basic math and common sense eludes many. The safe ride fee shows they take a higher percentage but it is an add on, it wouldn’t be there and isn’t part of the driver fare. I know you understand this but to many don’t and argue it lowers our commission.

no i wouldn’t be saying the same if there were no srf. my argument is that if you are going to charge a fee under the guise of safety, all parties should be safe.

i can prove it. here in LA the minimum fare was $4.00. uber increased it to $4.65. our earnings at the $4.00 minimum rate was $2.40. guess how much we make now that there has been an increase in the minimum fare? yup still $2.40. anyone on here smart enough to know why we are not getting any of that minimum fare increase?