Driving significant distances to get rides is generally not a good idea

Given that the gas and wear & tear expenditures on your vehicle, not to mention time, will probably make any profits from rides received in your destination minimal (and that is assuming you even get a significant number of rides). Keep in mind that November and December are slowish months for ride-sharing, and I cannot comment specifically on Jersey-area drivership.

Lulz…yeah just drive an hour into Philly and an hour back everyday and work until 3 am just to pay for your gas, insurance, and lost time. Great idea.

Well is he driving a 5.0 jeep chreeokee …or a compact. I drive more than an hour a nite in my 3 year old accord with not so good tires and I still only spend 15 bucks to top off my tank after starting with a full one (@1.77 a gallon)

You are absolutely right! I drove into Philly last night for the first time. I got there at about 3:30 a.m. and from 3:45 until 8:30 this morning I was nonstop driving and picking up Fares.

It was definitely worth it and I didn’t even know where the heck I was going most of the time. I just will probably have to invest in a smaller car, because I now have a minivan and I cannot risk it breaking down in Philly then leaving my family with no way to get around?

Traveling long distances to get paid . 1 hour to Philly. what happens when you get a ride from center city to west chester . You would be traveling out further west and then dead head back into the city or even worse dead head back to AC? This will make you broke faster than playing $50.00 black jack in AC with $300 bucks bank roll.

Don’t invest in uber . Does UBEr invest in you ? They take 25% rake in every transaction. the cost of you to drive from AC to philly does uber share 25% of the expenses? I think the only way you will make money in AC is driving in the summertime in Ocean city, avalon , stone harbour, when the college kids are in town drinking

Why not move to Philly if that’s where money is… driving 2hrs of your dead mile time is not such a great idea on a long term basis. You tried it and it worked,so now do your math and make appropriate decisions.

To make any business profitable,you must look at ways to cut on the cost of operating it… Else it’s more of a charity work. Don’t forget 2hrs of your time is worth about $35 plus $5 worth of gas burnt everyday.

I would stay away from any leasing options especially those offered by Uber. Don’t get stuck with a lease once you realize you’re not making jack driving for Uber. 2008-2010 Corolla/Civic or a low cost vehicle for rideshare will do the trick. Don’t go buy a brand new car to use for Uber.

So if you guys don’t mind, what is a average night for you? What I mean is how much per hour? Forget about gas and tolls and everything else I don’t really care about that right now.

I just want to know as far as with Uber fares how much is a good night to you? Maybe my making $90 in 5 hours isnt really that good? Maybe you guys speak from experience and making way more and that’s why? I’m not trying to be sarcastic I’m really wants to know.

The minivan helps A LOT for the bar scene but for during the weekday…not so much from what XL drivers have told me. So yea, look into getting a beater. I suggest a Toyota or Honda as those can go forever so if you get one with 150 mileage it wouldn’t matter much

Ok well if Uber/Lyft if is your secondary income the my suggestion is used that minivan for the weekend! Oh and for Eagles games! That’s when it surges and also ur not traveling two hours everyday.