Driving related question, not just for Uber

Driving related question, not just for Uber… what have you been pulled over for, if you have been at all?

I just skimmed my periodic background check that they sent me (clear) and I scrolled to the fond memories of my citations… screenshots? If the list is too long haha…

This is my 1 ticket… falling asleep at like 3:30am (long before I joined Uber) I also have 1 written warning for speeding 46/35. The very first time I got pulled over I was going 86/70 with like 20 other cars but she got me… she said “This one’s on the house” and let me go…

  1. 39 in a 35
  2. was 39 weeks pregnant and was going over line right as light turned red. I ain’t slamming on my breaks and attempt to get hit from behind. My tummy was already being squished at the wheel. $450 dollar ticket

Being black in a brand new Audi.Cop legitimately asked me, “How are you able to afford this?”