Driving on weekends

Driving on the weekends always remind me of how boring my life is and how I don’t have many friends down here lol. I want friends too…I wanna go out and annoy Lyft/Uber drivers too lol. I have friend/homie apps available if anyone’s interested lol…gotta be lgbt friendly🙃

Lol its OK I have no friends either I barely know anybody.
It’s because you lack tolerance for stupidity and you can see it a mile away instead of finding out 3 years into a friendship.

I feel the same way. I need more friends as well. What is it that you like to do. I am always willing to hangout. Drink, smoke…gun range…bowling and all things entertainment (relating to film and music) I live right behind the bowling alley.

I don’t have any friends, either; not really.
I have a cat!
This guy I knew decades ago used to say, “I don’t have any friends. Friends just cost me money.”

I’m from Miami, been here 8yrs, I think this is why my circle so small, but type what side of town you ladies are on, then we can plan a date & place accessible to all… I’m in Mcdonough!

I don’t mind being your friend I have a lot of friends making new ones never been a problem, I’m not LGBT but I am friendly to all. We going to start a hang out group. Are u down for the cause. Im ready to hang RAT NOW… Hawks game let and not one hit 10mins

This is exactly why I created a pg & group in my area, the type of work we do, we can break in between, cut loose, then hit the road again, still making a descent income… attach yourselves to an active group, cuz all work sometimes depress us when all is paid & nothing to do with the left over rewards… for ladies, I’m a part of a very active all women group, if interested inbox me, we’re out of Ga!

Honestly between working FT, being a New mom to a busy 1 year old, and now driving on the side. I don’t feel like doing much these days. I’d like to, but just don’t always feel up to it.

We actually have a uber hangout club or something. Where we go to the after hours spots because we were too busy driving until 2 am. You should join the club to meet new friends. Go out and chill with us. Promise you will enjoy your rest time with us… Come and enjoy…

I’m down with the rainbow :rainbow: :slight_smile: Let me know when you guys decide something! Maybe some weekends getaway or a weekend bonding with new friends… I want to have friends too. I wanna go out and kick out my weekends… Let me join you guys if you have some plans…

Shoot I could use a few friends too. We should hit up the bar or something. I’m always down. Hit me up! I need friends too… Someone we can go along with some boring night or day… Just let me know if you have some plans to go out… Lets have new friends and new memories…

Same. I have no social life anymore. I’m interested! I want you guys be my friends too lol
I want to have new friends to talk to or to hang out with during weekends or at the end of my drive… Some people to chill with. Let me join your club or hang outs so that we can creates new memories together…

lol I feel you guys… I have No friends. No man. Just focused on this money!! But the colder it gets and with the holidays around the corner… I got the love life part down…but I’m lacking in the friend department.

Would be nice to have a get together and meet the people in the group for like hang out and eat together before going back to driving hahahahah. Yes guys, I want to have friends with people want to be my friend… We need to enjoy life…Lets rock together and enjoy life with old or even new friends…

I’m sitting still in Five points. :unamused: Anyone here? Let’s grab a drink and have some chill time together. Let me bring our new group with some fun guys.hahaha. I ended up getting a ride close to home. I’m at Wal-Mart, then headed home…