Driving my 1st week with Uber/lyft I learned something

  1. i can make this work as a full time job
  2. I’m making a lot more per hour doing this
    3 I’m a happier person

It’s fantastic in the beginning … I still enjoy doing it but recently just spent 1300 on repairs. Lots of wear and tear

Congrats. I’m glad ya enjoying it. Keep up the good work and be safe out there. I went from pt to ft and am much happier. Good luck with your endeavors.

It’s a cool job at first, definitely enjoy it while that good feeling is still there. In six months you might feel differently. Within a year you will probably want out. Just being honest. Drive smart, stay safe!

I been driving for lyft over 3 years and uber two and a half years I still like it, but I live in a resort town most everybody on vacation so there happy. I think you have to treat it like a business and it’s a lot easier, I have a car I just use for rideshare don’t use my personal vehicle I learned what times to drive and where

I’ve put $4,267 in repairs in my vehicle in the past MONTH. I drive full time so please make sure you SAVE SAVE SAVE. I have had to replace my radiator, wheel bearings and hub assembly, 4 tires and my transmission since December. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, please save 20% for taxes and 15% for future repairs. Not worth it for some but I personally love it.

I pretty much killed my tax savings with my repairs the last few months… I’m sure this is way better as a part time job . Or in busier markets

Yeah especially with the recruiting in malls. Eventually there will be more drivers than people. And no surge or boost

well… that was my thought as well… but we lose drivers at a pretty amazing rate as well. Its not a job that is good for everyone.

  1. Don’t assume your income will stay consistent. It won’t. 2. Keep looking for better work while you do this. 3. Every job, even this one will eventually burn you out if yo aren’t careful.

get a prius at 40 mpg, 09,10,11, around 5k$ on ebay, they are almost built like a tank!