Drivers with poor customer skills get low ratings

I would care, and that driver would get a 1 star from me.
When I am paying for a ride, I get to rate the driver.

If I wanted extras in the car I would take a pool ride.

I would not risk my rating by turning on the app if I had a relative or friend in the car.
Making ten bucks is not worth it.

Drivers with customer service experience would understand this.

Why do you give shit? You paid a buck a mile for a car ride and you’re gonna bust a bloke’s balls for having an extra person in the car? What’s wrong with you, man?

I kinda understand both points. On one side the PAX is paying (minimal) for a ride and walking into a car with two occupants, especially if it’s a panicky young lady, it CAN be uncomfortable and lead the driver to a poor rating. On the other end, the driver enjoys the company from said occupant and ultimately, it’s his car and can do what he wants with it.

It is your choice to turn on the app when you want.
You should also have the sense to know when not to turn it on.

PAX will rate you how they want.
I suspect most would be uncomfortable with an unknown rider in a trip they paid for.

I’m in my 19th week of only 5-star ratings and my rating is 4.96. But I take no pride in that number because the rating system is so horribly flawed that it possesses no statistical significance. But if you’re feeling good about your numbers, then more power to ya!

Because you don’t get to drive once you receive a 4.6 average in San Diego.
What would you think?

It seems the drivers with the crappy averages seem to think the system is flawed.
I do what I do, and it seems to be working for me.

Uber doesn’t cover anything anyway, so what difference does it make? Without commercial insurance, a person is a complete fool to drive for Uber in the first place.

Deranged self entitled cheap pax along with Uber can suck my balls. Could give a CRAP about ratings! Reminds me of Facebook and all the bullshit fake friends. Eff em all! Think I’ll invite my neighbors bull dog to ride along just for kicks

One day some cheap ass isnt gonna like the music you play, the shirt you wear the dog smell on ya and will give you a 1 star just to make himself feel good!

You know it is a game of averages.
One *hole can’t hurt you much if you drive, drive, drive.
Not too worried personally.

Do you think the guy I dropped off in the middle of nowhere gave me a 5?
I am not worried.

People have their own personal standards. I knew what I was getting into, and choose to give people good customer service during the short time I will be driving for Uber.

I like 95% of the people I pick up. I am not going to do anything to mess with their heads like having a unknown person in the car.

Drivers on this forum that are posting that that is OK know better. They just have a jones against Uber and are taking it out on PAX and drivers on this forum. Too bad for those folks.

There is nothing anything wrong with doing the right thing.

Actually I ask them what music they want to hear, and my shirts never smell of anything buddy. Those things are in my control.

Sydney must be hard on you…
San Diego is not hard on me

Pretty much why I am going into the medical marijuana business as soon as all my paperwork goes through.

I have to go through a Sheriff’s background check, a driver license check, and I am going to get my medical marijuana letter from the local pot doctor tomorrow.

I am a computer systems engineer. I have a BS in computer science.
I am planning on managing computerized medical products if the universe aligns properly.

I spent over a decade and a half as the principal computer systems engineer for a Fortune 20 corporation. I was laid off when my division was sold to BD recently.

I think it would be the ultimate cosmic joke. After 15 years of 14 hour days doing database server & hardware design for hospitals, ending up in medical marijuana… It is still a medical product, and I have no problem with the industry.

I am confident one or another will turn out well for me.
I only have 6 more years to retirement, if I choose to do so.

I heard about an Uber driver showing up with a dude in the front seat and a baby in a baby seat in the back with the pax. It’s a bit weird. I wouldn’t rate one star, but I wouldn’t rate five either. They shouldn’t be there. When people suggest it isn’t professional there is a reason for that. It’s lame. A handful of people might not say anything, but I wouldn’t want to pay for that.