Drivers shouldn't be punished for not driving 30-35 minutes out pick up

Is it me or does lyft try to make you go 30-35 minutes out to pick up a passenger? Uber seems to only be 10 or maybe 15 minutes at the most. If we dont want to drive 35 minutes out to pick up a passenger we should not be “punished” with our acceptance rate. Or maybe im just bitching about nothing.

I refuse to drive no further than 6-7 mins out or I will deny a request.

I would do that but here in Grand Rapids, that would eliminate over half the rides, so my acceptance rate would likely be below 50%. I drive a lot less now due to this and other issues.

Yes, in the 2 markets I have experience in, Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids, Lyft will send you farther. Often to places that Uber will just say they have no drivers available, Lyft will send you. It’s much worse in Grand Rapids with way too many long pickups everyday. I actually wouldn’t mind it at all if they just put a fair fee on it, but I’ve never gotten one, and that combined with a ridiculous minimum rate of 2.60, is killing this market.

They’ll send you 20+ minutes out and 5 minutes before you get there, they cancel the ride and give it to someone else “closer” to the pax.

That’s called redispatching. In some markets they are doing it less now. Even the pax are complaining.

Uber’s algorithm has limits for distance, while Lyft has none. It is rare that there are no Lyft vehicles available. The truth is that someone needs a ride and Lyft gives people a better chance to actually get a ride.

There used to be an app called Fasten that operated in Austin and Boston. If the closest car was more than 10 minutes away it automatically applied a multiplier. It would prompt the pax that they had a better chance to get a ride if the ride was “boosted”. The pax would accept the new rate and the request would go out. That’s the proper way to deal with these situations.

Just accept it and wait until they cancel. WORKS LIKE a charm

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Lyft is the worst at that. I have a whole album of screenshots of the rediculous pick-ups they try to get me to do. My acceptance rating will just remain low and I won’t expect to ever get any of the bonuses they offer

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While in Winter Park around 5:30 this morning I accepted a pick up in Sanford. The gentleman told me two other drivers cancelled and one actually called to find out where he was going and then cancelled. He would have missed his flight out of Sanford airport if I didn’t do the job I signed up to do. He was very appreciative.
#DrivingIsWhatWeDo #PassengersPayforService

With you. I’ve had many similar experiences with long pickups who are grateful i just showed up. One college girl was waiting outside of a closed Wal-Mart late at night crying because 6 drivers in a row cancelled on her. I was sitting in the middle of a 400% primetime area downtown and getting this long pickup ping from a far flung suburb which I assumed was a mistake. I gave her a courtesy call to let her know I was a little over a half hour away and to make sure that was okay. She was terribly stressed about the possibility of being stranded in a town that was new to her so I assured her I was on my way. Seeing the relief and gratitude on her face when I showed up made my night. It would be nice if Lyft rewarded those drivers with long pickup fees and other incentives, but sadly they are too committed to having a price advantage, so we generally just get screwed.

But did he tip lol?

Seriously though. Yes we signed up to be drivers, but for me, that doesn’t mean i signed up to lose money.

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Drivers cancelling is the very thing that causes most of what they complain about. Lazy drivers affect the entire community in a negative way!

Respectfully, laziness isn’t the issue here. Appropriate compensation is what we are talking about. Not wanting to drive a half hour to then drive another 10 minutes for $2.60 strikes me as reasonable, not lazy.

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My reference is some of the many comments by drivers themselves in this group and others as well as the things they actually say to passengers. I was’nt being disrespectful but instead, I just wanted to bring attention to a few bad apples.

Not wanting to lose money on a ride is not being lazy it’s being smart

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That’s the one thing I hate about Lyft… going 30 minutes to pick up a $5 call. Lyft needs to compensate is extra and charge the customer more in that situation.

I have gotten to the point here in Kansas City that I have no problem accepting a 15 minute pickup then seeing how many miles it is then cancelling the ride. Lyft now asks why I’m cancelling. I always choose “too far”. I wish more drivers would cancel these and maybe Lyft would get the message.

Driving 3 years now and it’s getting harder to drive for Lyft.

The acceptance rate doesn’t mean anything assuming it’s not ridiculously low. You certainly don’t benefit by accepting every ride.

Lyft doesn’t give a crap about drivers and whether they make money. Even if you lose money because a ride is far away, they still make money.

No one drives because it’s noble work. They do it to make money. Lyft keeps making that harder. There are several things Lyft could do to compensate the driver for added inconvenience. Instead, they create a system where drivers are forced to either screw the passenger or lose money.