Drivers please take the time to let someone put a car seat in your car for their child


(Trish Richardson) #1

I tried to take an uber and I asked if they can give me a minute to put a car seat in their car for my daughter and as I went in to put my daughters jacket on and grab the car seat they cancelled and left. I sent a message to uber about it and got my cancellation fee back.

(Lance Rodriguez) #2

Dumbass driver…I would love to have a passenger tell me to wait so they get a car seat instead of me explaining it’s against the law for a kid to be without one.

(Melinda Foster) #3

What an ass! I helped a lady put in 2 car seats and I even put on music for kids since they were about 6 and 8.

(Bector Ernest) #4

I don’t understand how someone can be so heartless. The funny part is the ride would have been $70 I even made sure it was a uber xl because of the driveway we had to go down

(Kelly Hector) #5

I would never do that to a pax… but you should have had all of that ready when they pulled up. I’m sorry…I can’t fault them for leaving.

(Jack Dolen) #6

Take your time. Do it right. I’m happy to wait when it involves a child’s safety. Theres Alot of rude, messy, heartless drivers. I think most of them come from the taxi industry.

(Lisa Markee) #7

Me as a driver usually get out of the car and help the moms and elders to put their stroller or walker in the trunk of my car.

(Christian Odom) #8

Maybe he forgot to turn off his Lyft app, got a ping and thought he’d make more on that…

(Brahim Decker) #9

I would never do that! I open the door for them and watch as they put it in to make sure the seat is properly secured. Doesn’t sound like he deserved your money anyway.

(Cody Parker) #10

Ignorant fool. I’ll say it again. These are the people that are making the rest of us look bad. I’d take the kids and the time to put the seats in that’s only right.

(Marsha_Smith) #11

Sorry this happened to you- I’m thrilled when a parent willingly has a car seat!

(Chris Stipe) #12

Bet they didn’t do anything to him but they’ll deactivate him if he doesn’t take a service animal.

(Rakesh Sharma) #13

I’d hope they do because my 6 paragraph email would have been pointless lol

(Abdul Karim) #14

There’s many drivers who will cancel since it takes a few minutes to load and unload kids. Also it can be frusturating when kids kick the back of the seats, which many/most kids do.

Not that I am condoning his actions, I’m not. I have a 3 year old and would be ticked too! but it’s common

(Snyder Reed) #15

If I drive up and the passenger has a car seat for their child, they automatically get 5 stars from me.

(Hassan) #16

As a driver, half the parents here don’t even bring carseats so we end up cancelling on them for that reason

(Abel) #17

ya…incase you havent noticed…there are lots of dick drivers out there. Have heard them bragging about how they have done this to a mother several times in the groups and it boils my blood. Where some drivers get their shitty attitudes and sense of entitlement is beyond me. Dont be a fucking asshole.