Drivers choice what amenities he wants

Following in the vein of the other person who asked if you tip when you are a rider, do any of you give a driver with amenities a bad rating just because you are upset that they (to quote another driver), “Are creating false expectations for the pax and making your life more difficult”?? I am truly curious…

Hell no. Each driver is different. Shouldn’t be penalized for that. Especially by another driver

Actually I’ve had 2 1in the last 6 months they both came from current Uber drivers. 1st one was mad because of my rating, amount of trips over 5,000 3rd he’s was mad that I provided candy bars , chilled water, chargers. He informed me I needed to stop doing this because he didn’t want to have compete with me. He was drunk and gave me 1 and told uber I acted in processional to him. The second 1* came from another drunk uber driver. This one was a little different, she was so unhappy with what I offered she decided to help her self to everything. She stole my candy bars, the soft side cooler that had the water, plus she took the soft side garbage container. She gave me a 1* after I told uber what she did, so she wasn’t happy that I called her out for what she did.

I actually got a 1☆ from a driver once, and it totally screwed up my 5☆ rating. I also have amenities, which is why I posted this question. Sad to see I am not the only one who has had this experience…

And Uber totally needs to personally contact pax about 1☆ ratings, to see if they were deserved, as well as let US know why someone gave us less than 5☆.

I always tip when I take a ride. I enjoy receiving tips, so I always pay it forward to my driver as well. And also, I generally don’t tell other drivers I’m a driver as well.

Nope. I offer water, skittles, life savers, jolly ranchers, Pepsi, Coke, Ginger ale, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Ferrero Rocher , and sometimes pizza.
Why be a dick. People giving shitty rides is what creates false expectations

I agree with you, and have tons of amenities myself. Though the question was about other drivers getting in our cars and giving us bad ratings because of what we offer our passengers. I have had it happen, and so has another driver above.

As a passenger, a driver has to fuck up real bad to not get a tip from me. As for ratings, kind of the same; I will only ding the guy on the rating if his car is a filthy cesspool. And I’m not talking about some crumbs on the floor because a previous passenger was a slob, I’m talking about a filthy car interior that looks like it hasn’t seen a paper towel and some windex (at the very least) in a year. Also, if you pick me up in south florida and you’ve got the windows down and no ac on, i won’t even say a word about it and one star your abusive ass right the fuck outta there!

Everyone of us operates our little business venture in our own way, I myself would never have all those extras snacks, lights, signs etc. and I never have, not even quite sure how all that began or what it has to do with giving a ride, but, for some I guess it works and I have no right to ding them for that.

it began by Uber and Lyft suggesting amenities for passengers, and doing stories about cars with them. When I signed up for Lyft, their literature even suggested doing a theme car. Other publications even say rideshares should have amenities. It’s not like we just decided to do this out of the blue…

Sounds terrible, a theme car?? Yikes, who would destroy their vehicle like this. I started a little over a year ago, I had read of this, but never did it myself, made no sense at all.

No, that’s fucking stupid.
I pretty much always rate 5 stars unless they’re a fucking dumb ass or an asshole.
edited to add that I always tip if you’re only getting tipped $1, you fucked up somewhere, but I’ll still tip.