Drivers are uneducated about the ways of TNC

Suck it up buttercup you fall into that group as was proven by your attack response to me and your fear of Uber. I’ve been driving with Uber for 3 years I’ve learned their ways and I’ve also learned how to counter them. Maybe instead of going on the defensive you should listen and learn, if something doesn’t sound right do some research. Most of us senior drivers remember when driving was profitable and we don’t mind sharing the lessons we learned along the away after major price cuts with newer drivers on how to drive profitably.

Considering that advice was “When I call rider I tell them I see on the passenger app there are cars closer to [you than] me. Once they cancel I go off line for a few so I don’t get the ping again.” … I want to be sure I get your point.

Nope. It could also mean closer drivers didn’t accept the ping. If you want to drive at a loss, have at it, WE are in charge of what rides we accept. Read your TOS.

Based on their study the IRS is saying that $0.54 per mile is the average cost of operating your vehicle. Now it’s true that for some that might be higher or it might be lower. If the cost is higher than one would be wise to use the actual cost of operating the vehicle, if the cost lower one is permitted to use the per mile rate allowed by the IRS.

You didn’t help anyone spreading false information. Hating on Uber is fine but misleading others is not. Please tell me how a person driving a 2006 beater is paying the same per mile as a brand new fully financed mercedes right off the lot. Thanks.

And I’m sure when you filed your taxes you used the $0.17 per mile actual cost as your deduction instead of the allowable $0.575 IRS standard deduction.

You do know that both of you guys are talking about two different rates, right? He’s talking about vehicle depreciation, you are talking about tax deductions. Two separate but related quantities.

“No one should be driving for less than $1.62 per mile if they want all rides to be profitable. It really and truly is a case of simple math, once you learn what that profitable rate is for you, you shouldn’t accept rides below that.”

You are claiming .54c as a cost when it is not. It is a deduction. For any sensible driver making sensible decisions, that number is far higher than actual costs. It really is quite simple to understand.

Nope. My COSTS were .17c per mile, my DEDUCTION was .575c. You see the difference? So when you tell newbies that the deduction amount should be used as their costs to “educate” them, you are misleading them.

Yes. That’s what I said. ALL costs. And no, I don’t include insurance, which would have little impact anyways, because it is a cost I would have regardless. It’s not a cost of Ubering for me. If I added TNC insurance or an insurance rider, then I would add it.

It’s a meaningless baseline and most drivers I’ve seen on here who choose to use it are doing so to inflate actual costs as part of an anti-Uber agenda. YOU presented that number as an actual reliable cost calculation based on what the IRS says are typical average costs. That’s inaccurate.

That is my actual cost. I own a vehicle that was valued at $5,000 when I started driving and am devaluing it over 100,000 miles of Ubering. My fuel, maintenance, repairs, taxes, and ALL costs are 17c a mile.

Give it up it’s a deductible cost set by the IRS and I’m willing to bet you there are drivers who are driving at a much higher cost than what the IRS allows. The fact remains that it was given to help the less knowledgable drivers figure out their profit point.

You should know by now that Ramzfanz’s car runs on dodo-bird farts, is lubed by rendered unicorn fat, is maintained by a leprechaun who works for Lucky Charms, rolls on cast-iron tires that are guaranteed for life, and it will never wear out or break. It’s magic!

It’s a deduction, not a cost, and not an estimate of real world costs for a typical Uber driver. It is a very generous deduction. Anyone paying anywhere near that would have to be just throwing money away.

Yep. It’s imperative that people know their actual costs. If you don’t know them, you can’t make good decisions on what costs you can drive down or if there is even profit to be made. I just tire of the “The IRS says this is what it costs” deception.