Driverless cars are inevitable

I just don’t think they’re going to happen as soon as people expect. The self driving car of tomorrow is starting to sound more and more like the flying cars that we were going to have any day now - 30 years ago. What you need to understand is that the companies who are working on self driving cars have a vested interest in making their technology sound like it’s a day away. It’s absolutely crucial for them to create the image that their technology is just around the corner from being ready for an eager market.

LMAO! have you figured that Google voice is barely use anymore. Siri hype is gone no one ever talk about Siri anymore. Do we really need to ask Siri to remind us to take a shower in the morning?

Some technology will never be good enough such as Driverless cars. I want complete control of the car. Airplane without a captain on board never will be good enough for our society period. No one will board an airplane without pilots in the cabin.

New technology is ultra expensive when it first comes out. Driverless cars will cost at least double what the drivers make now. Huge losses will result from having to have a driver overseeing the driverless car.

I never mentioned about being overly cautious and WTF is that anyways? I stated that the cars seem to be unpredictable to human drivers. Unpredictable is just that and it’s actually not known to the public all that much.

Planes fly everyday and have been for decades. you’re telling me an engineer on this project who likely has more experience in driverles cars than 50% of those in the same field doesn’t know what he’s talking about? I wonder how many people died in the early stages of flight, let alone pilot less flying planes.

Seriously, you are talking about small companies working on a niche market product. SDCs have some of the brightest most well funded teams in the world. They can do in weeks what some moto TC company may take a decade.

I am impressed by the self driving cars, and would love to see them become common, as long as I can still drive my own car if I want to. I still have my doubts about them, even with redundant systems there is always the chance of a total system failure.

A lot of dead astronauts along the way and then a dead manned space program in the end. Where is the shuttle fleet now? Oh, that’s right. Decommission after the last shuttle blow-up.

Actually, they have a vested interest in meeting or beating their predictions. How in the world would failure increase their value? The game is market share and market dominance, not pump and dump.

We have self parking vehicle and hardly anyone ever get excited about such feature anymore. I am a salesperson and as soon as I start talking about feature that will remove their control people start getting sleepy and yawning.

You are off the deep end uninformed. If I recall, there were 3 dead astronauts in the moon landings and no, the shuttle wasn’t decommissioned after the Columbia disaster, it was flown for another 8 years. Oh, and today, we have unmanned shuttles so.

The testing so far proves they may have a possible use in shuttling customers around a closed Disney theme park track at 30 mph max. Seriously, where do you get your talking points?

Probably because the pitot tubes froze and the static pressure got trapped causing it to act like an altimeter. Therefore the indicated airspeed showed as decreasing as the altitude decreased.

yes but 200,000 driverless cars and warehouses with technicians and every city where uber operates? I can’t see uber bearing that headache, and I don’t see how it’s going to be cheaper.

Google isn’t actually building a fleet for itself if I recall. They are building a platform that car companies can lease for their cars. Then other companies can buy and operate those cars in fleets.