Driver: Teresa in Belmont - Help!

Hello, do any of you know a Lyft (and probably also Uber) driver named Teresa who was driving in San Francisco, CA on Saturday night (December 7, 2019) and then went to Belmont, CA after (thank you, FindMyPhone)? I left my cell phone in her car, and Lyft has been awful in its inability to contact her and let her know she has my phone in her car. COULD YOU PLEASE REFER HER TO THIS POST? I really need my phone - it’s incredibly critical I get it back immediately. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. The only remaining option Lyft has provided me is to file a police report, and I’d really rather not send the police to harass this poor woman (who, for all I know, might never open the app again. Not that Lyft cares . . .).