Driver had child with her in the car

So tonight I took an Uber and it was enlightening experience to say the least. The driver’s child was in the car with her. She drove a little too fast. As I tend to do that sometimes, now I know how my passengers feel.

Big no no… No one should be riding with driver…

I do get the gotta do what ya gotta do though…

Um no. That’s not ok to take your kid. It’s against rules and seriously? How absolutely unprofessional. I’m a single mom. So don’t give me BS about gotta do what ya gotta do. You don’t take your kid with you.

I’m a single mom and I only drive when I don’t have them, I just have to work that much harder when I don’t have them

Uber drivers getting murdered and robbed and you wanna take your kid with you…

I wouldn’t have reported her as we don’t know her situation. However I would have reminded her that someone could report her. My app was accidentally turned on and a trip was accepted while my son was in the car. The good thing was we were close enough to my home that I could let him out.

It’s not for me to say something bad about a mom taking her kid along. A baby sitter would cost more than she can make driving. It’s against the rules yes, but I would never turn in a mom.

What if she got a group of passengers and there wasn’t room because of her kid? Then what?
Totally unprofessional. I would have reported her.

Our Supervisor at the Post Office liked to give pep talks and say, “You’re professional mail carriers”! As opposed to amateur mail carriers? I guess I just don’t consider picking people up and dropping then off with my own car a “profession”. Just my opinion.

Lool I have a heavy foot. I can go 80+ without thinking about it. AT ALL. so I purposely drive 60 so if I’m not paying attention, I’ll only accidentally be at like 65, instead of going 65-70 and then accidentally going 70+. It’s so damn hard but I don’t wanna scare ppl :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I wish I had cruise control when I get on the interstate I tend to go 80 just flowing with traffic lol

Waze has a speedometer option and you can set alerts to wear if you go 5 over it will beep at you or you can set at 10 over it’ll beep at you, excellent tool to use!

Exactly Jeny Jwow Johnson! She needs to be reported not okay at all. I’m a single mom and I figured it out!

This is a safety issue what if some chmo molested her kid during a ride can’t look in the back seat 24/7. Is it better to shut up or risk that???

It’s a job - you’re not supposed to take your kids to a job when you’re working. PERIOD!!!

You know back in the day people used to take the kids to work all the time. They give them a coloring book or their toys and put them in a corner room to behave. Or they would strap them on their back and work. Obviously with our line of work you shouldn’t take your kids with you. Haha

Not that it matters, but I disagree. Not nearly as many people were even close to being as bold and evil then as they are now. People are on a whole new level of evil these days, this I know for sure.

Just a head’s up, you speeders are leaving money behind, not to mention speeding tickets cutting into the bottom line. Doing the speed limit increases the overall time of the trip, decreases the odds of missing your exit from a dickheaded cabbie, and keeps your pax from reporting you as an unsafe driver