Drive in a certain area

How do people say they want to drive in certain areas? I start out near home and end up everywhere! Am I doing something wrong? I work three days, fifteen hours a day and make About $750.00 but use about $100.00 in gas.

You are doing what’s best for you. That’s what I do as well. It depends on where people live too. They may not get as many calls from home.

I have the areas I like to work, but not exclusively. I also have areas I won’t Pickup in for various reasons. I either go offline and deadhead from those areas or stay online with a filter. But I’ve learned lots of areas to go to if it’s slow

You have the formula for success
By letting the app take you where it takes you
You will end up in a good area.
Yesterday I started by home in Snellville got a ride to Alpharetta. I was out there from 4pm until 9pm and did 10 rides all in Alpharetta
Tip turn the app on and go where it takes you

I end up everywhere. I start from home but if it takes to long to get a ping… I have an area I travel towards. If my rides take me to an area I don’t like or is slow I start back in the direction of my area. Sometimes I get a bunch of short ries in my area that has me going in circles in that area. There are lots of variables.

I spend $22 on gas in a 17 kia, I start in Sandy Springs and go where my rides take me. Start after 6pm till I hit my $125-150 a day. Usually drive about 6 hours or so daily

That’s good. work smart not hard. You’re doing it right. I also start from home. Yesterday I went from Marietta to Lovejoy to Roswell. I follow the pings and flow.

That’s the right formula…there is no “area” to drive in…any are can be good…start from home and go where the day takes you

Maybe they meant they start off in certain areas? There are places where you can literally be “stuck out there” due to lack of drivers (but it’s not surging), or stuck because you’d rather be somewhere else but don’t want to deadhead there. Or you’re just on a roll.

I can sit in my driveway and get a ride but I also live where Pool and Line are popular so I have to do a charity Pool to get things going some days. Then that usually leads me somewhere where I know I can No Thanks until an X request comes through.

I understand. But do you drive around or sit in one spot and wait for a trip? Driving around uses more gas.

It depends where you drop. If your dropping where people are still moving (near malls, shops, trains, businesses that are open or recently closed) then sit, if your way out move closer to the places I mentioned before. Also depends on the time of day. If it’s a weekday, middle of the night downtown may be slower. If it’s a weekend, it’s always people going somewhere. Research what’s going on. Events, parties, popular bars, clubs, restaurants, sports events, concerts. I have a plan of the area I want to work way before I ever log on.

That’s not always true. When I started rideshare, it was so that I wouldn’t have to go into my regular check for gas and car repairs. Now that I drive ft and am self employed outside if rideshare, it’s alot easier.

I have a system that works for me. I live in Cherokee. I turn my app on as I’m going down 575. I usually pick up in Woodstock or Canton. I drop the first rider off and find somewhere to park. I drop the passenger off and park and let the riders take me to the next place to park. Of course I don’t park where I drop off riders cause that would be wierd but I don’t burn gas and it works great. Last night I started in Cobb to Midtown to Lithonia to Snellville back to Midtown to Marietta then to Old Fourth Ward and back to Cherokee.

This is how I would like my Saturday’s to be got hyped up to do it but my son have wrestling match and he won his match so now I have to sit and wait because he made it to the finales :cry: but I’m also scared the way y’all hoes be going in on us virgins :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t5: (not calling you a hoe or anyone just making it out of a joke) some people don’t know how to take sarcasm

Depends on your timing. You just gotta know your city! Like right now, If you were to drive (i live in midtown) you would be taking people very far. People tend to move and have far trips in the early morning. Closer to the afternoon, people tend to stay more in the city with quicker trips possibly surging. Just gotta follow the trends of people!

When I turn on the app there may be like 1-2 pings In my city and that’s not worth it about 7$ for hour worth time. I need to drive to another city. I hate wasting gas. I can usually use the down time to refresh my coffee or work my other job.