Drive for fun and meet new people

To drive for Uber is for fun and to meet new people only, You will some times lose money. I have told my friends that in order to drive for uber is just like you are starting a new business, you will need some money in bank account for your new business $2,000 for car repair in the first 4 months $150 for gas in the first week $40 weekly for tolls Must put away 10% of money for IRS income tax selfemployment tax.

$2000 for car repair in 4 month? What kind of car you have, and where and how much you drive,?? $150 for gas in a week?? That’s 70 gallons of gas, which is about 1400 miles, unrealistic (and if you do it, you are getting rich…) Those figures are out of this world, unless you drive 24/7 then you must take hone a lot of money.

Mine took 6 weeks. I kept badgering Uber, and they kept responding that this was normal. Finally, someone admitted that my background check request had been lost in the system and they were going to expedite. I think it took 1-2 days from there.

Most drivers will disagree with me in the first 6 months of drive for Uber, when they start out they will said , oh it nice, you work anytimes you want, meet new people.

I’m not sure about the market in New Haven, but in Sacramento CA, I’m making about $9 an hour, when all is said and done. Its an easy job. Most of the passengers are really nice (but maybe that’s because I am too) and of course, you can make your own schedule, but unless you have a really cheap cost of living like I do, and a nice new car which 1) doesn’t need frequent repairs) and 2) gets good mileage, you will starve if you only work 40 hours… and maybe, if you work 60 too…

200 miles a day isn’t that many for a full time driver. Figuring if you are lucky, half the miles will be paid, 100 miles time 82 1/2 cents (Connecticut rate minus the 25% commish) equals about $82.50. After gas, maintenance and wear and tear on your vehicle, that doesn’t sound like beaucoup bucks to me.

Uber is paying you the miles you drive the customer, what do you pretend, to be paid just to drive around in your car? Also, you are outing out the worst case scenario, with a riders 3 times away the length of the ride, what about if the rider is 2 miles away and the ride is 20 miles? What about if you drop the rider off, and get another ride going your way home?

I thought Uber was the greatest thing once too. It wont always be that easy to get a ride, neither will it always be that pleasant. Glad you had a good first trip though. The good outweighs the bad but after you get a few drives in the pings get a lot more infrequentm

Glad you had a great first trip. But I don’t think that 20 miles trips are the norm, and the trip was just as likely to go in the opposite direction. This is why savvy Uber drivers call first before heading out, see where’s it going and whether or not they want to make the trip. The minimum take for a driver is less than $5, I think its less than $3 in most places, making driving for a short trip a non-profit situation.

In fact I said that there are good and bad situations. Even $3, I don’t see how a trip can be non profit, considering that for that kibd of little money must be no longer then 1 mile, plus, let’s say 5 miles of non paid driving.

You will ger $200 or more a week, But the money is coming out from your car, not from Uber. YOu have a car, you are selling each miles for $.69 cent from the car. You have some mileages to sell, Uber is the middle man and he say , ok, I will bring you the buyers, but you have to give me 25% commission from you.

I am graduate in business, my friend, in 2 countries…The thing is that the cost per miles of your car is a case to case situation, those with newer cars are hit bigger, because of the depreciation of the car, while the ones that drive with older cars are at the bottom of the depreciation curve.

“Ping” is the sound of money - that sound when your phone goes black, except a large enticing circle with a big blue countdown chaser, giving you 15 seconds and as little information as possible to make the decision on whether or not you want to accept that ride.

I drive 100 miles. I earn $85. I pay Uber $17 (It’s Deductible!™). I drive 200 miles total on my odometer. IRS lets me claim 54¢/mi. That means, I get in my bank $68, but I claim expenses of $125 (Uber’s $17 + mileage deduction of $108). Use deduction on additional income that you are taxed on.

If you are driving your private car commercially, as a ride-sharer, you should definitely be properly insured and that costs more than just a personal policy.

I believe that, while you have pax in the car, you are covered by Uber insurance, once the trip ends, you are just driving your car around as usual, don’t see why your insurance shouldl have any problem, unless you go tell them that you were coming back from a ride with Uber, which, considering the degree of honesty and fairness of the insurance companies, second only to that of lawyers, I don’t see why you should.