"drive carefully!" This has always perplexed me

When someone says as they exit your car “drive carefully!”, do they mean that they thought you didn’t drive carefully during the ride, or is it just a general thing some people like to say? This has always perplexed me as i always try to drive carefully when i have a passenger.

Over-thinking. Kind of like how most drivers are conditioned to say “you do the same” but they’re not driving.

It’s just their way of acknowledging that this is a sneaky dangerous job and that they appreciate the risks that you take.

I think some things people put to much thought into and turn it into something it was never meant to be, they are just being nice.

Just because they like you as a driver and they understand the risk you are taking.
Every time someone cuts me off, a pax always says " this is why I don’t drive". I say "yes and with these cheap fares it’s cheaper to do an Uber or Lyft even including the tip :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::unamused:

They are taking rideshare because they are scared of driving. They think your trying to kill yourself which is why they don’t tip. They were in a near miss in 1997 and haven’t driven since. They are also scared of spiders and that lemon pie. And lemons, and everything.

I have thought about asking them why they say it, but they usually say “drive carefully” as they are exiting the car, so i dont have enough time to respond. It doesn’t happen very often, maybe 2 or 3 times a week, considering i pick up about 120 people on average per week, that means 117 of them thought i am a safe driver! :blush:

My 18yo son used to tell me this when I would leave home to drive. I explained how it raised the hair on the back of my neck. Then he stopped :smirk:

Thanks for all your replies! Thats me at home now with my Uber car in the background…

Its well wishes. Like, break a leg. Just say thanks, and keep it pushin.

I would have to say it’s, a general comment! Just like when you get a new phone and the person at the store says “Enjoy”… and you instinctively say… “you Too”!! Lol

Had two guys anxious to get to college ball game before tip off. Waze said we had plenty of time. Stopped at light but other traffic wasn’t moving. Started a right turn on red as cars started to cross the intersection. I rushed the turn a little but did not hit the curb.

Passenger said “hey dawg, we see your bad, but don’t have to show us again”. Got to the game on time and got a $20 cash tip. Not sure what the review was.

No more right turns on red with riders.

It is probably said to you at night. It is another way of saying be safe out there… From all the drunks and other “freaks come out at night” types.