Doordash Drivers Not Picking Up Orders From Restaurants

I had an interesting conversation with a local restaurant owner yesterday, about doordash.
Mind you; this week has been super slow for me, personally. I’ve only earned about half of what I earned last week.
So, we’re talking about that, & she tells me it’s probably because DD has been so unreliable with food pickups.
She explained to me that she often has orders that don’t get picked up by drivers, & she mentioned the last time this had happened was Tues. The order wasn’t picked up at all.
I find this so odd because I was logged in, close to this restaurant & waiting for orders when this last failed pickup occurred.
She says it’s happened multiple times.
Has anyone else heard this complaint from restaurants?
What’s your opinion regarding having available drivers, who are not getting requests?

Happened to me last week. I was so pissed. Got to the pick up. It said the order is still being placed. Waited a few mins. Went and asked about the order they said they don’t even have an order. I was like wtf. Talked to support. Said they’re still working on it. 15 min passed still nothing. I asked support wats going on. Support asked me if I can place the order. I was like wtf. I have been here 15 min. You could’ve asked me when I first talked to you. Went to place the order (in a long line) and the place tells me they don’t have things that the customer was asking. 30 min had passed already. I’m telling support I’m not doing this anymore. So they give me a measly $2.50 for 40min :roll_eyes: I finally asked the place why they didn’t take the phone order. The manager said the day before they had an order sit for hours because no one came to pick it up so they’re not accepting DD orders over the phone anymore and in the end, they lost out on $200. #endrant

I got a ping yesterday for a restaurant, and when I arrived, it told me to place the order. I contacted support, and they then told me the restaurant would not accept their order over the phone. I went inside, and the owner was very helpful but explained door dash orders and the food sits there for over an hour- pasta gets soggy and cold. I totally get it; if I had a business, I wouldn’t want that happening either. They shouldn’t place the order until a dasher accepts the order.

You are a better person than me I would have asked for the supervisor and would have been telling them I have been sitting here now for 40 minutes then to have the customer cancel I demand more than a measly $2.50 for my efforts I want $2.00 on top of the $2.50 for having to sit around and twiddle my.thumbs when I could have been off on another dash

I haven’t heard this one, but I have heard a lot of others. The worst one was a manager who told me that when a dish isn’t available, they ask, “What do you suggest?” So he tells them, they change the order, and never tell the customer!! lol

Be careful what you wish for. I had a pick up during lunch today - got there right on time, with ten minutes on the timer for drop off. I walked to the pickup section, and the guy told me it “wasn’t quite ready yet,” and would be another ten minutes. I unassigned rather than waste ten minutes during lunch rush standing around for an order that should’ve been ready for pick up.

Would yall rather hear how they complain about the order takers for the entire time your there and complain about them being overseas and not American and how an employee had to take the call because the assistant manager doesn’t like him or her that day, or place the order and relax in piece if both took the same amount of time?

It happens. A Japanese restaurant manager told me that now they are no longer a partner with DD due to some drivers weren’t picking up the food, so they were stuck with it and lost a lot of money. So now the DD drivers have to order when they get there and pay with the red card which is a pain and a long wait.

I haven’t done doordash. Since a few days ago. Lol. Very very slow I’m from Miami Fl. Trust. Me I been in hot spot. Sometimes I have seen the map on pink :rage::rage:. And now. I rather do Uber eats. Or Postmate I know they both sucks. But finally, I will be doing lyft. I guess is way better than. Delivery

Simple answer to these questions IF YOU ORDER DOOR DASH TIP WELL or you will NOT get your food!!! All doordash drivers are independent contractors we do not have to take your order we can decline them anytime we want to. If all we are going to make off am order is $3 or $4 we are not gonna take it. We will decline it and wait on bigger orders!!! I often get $10+ per order anything under $7 I laugh as i decline it. So please for your sake as well as ours tip good we have families to take care of we have kids to feed and cloth.
And if you drive for doordash don’t accept orders less than about $8