DoorDash Driver Scam Alert: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD

:mega:ATTENTION NEW (and maybe some old) MEMBERS! :mega:

There is this SCAM that has been going around for quite a while, and a lot of dashers are falling for it!


DoorDash will NEVER ask for your password.


If those scammer wants to know my password, they’re going to get a surprise

Here’s my view now considering the circumstances…you are in the middle of a dash (probably driving), and get a call from “support”…you’re not thinking 100% due to all the distractions that a dash can have…these awareness posts are good…the other day I called support, and they asked for my email…I said my phone number is all you need

When DoorDash is launching a new area, and there’s a notice to sign up for shifts, how does that work? How will you get paid or are you only paid if you go on deliveries?

You only get paid when you do deliveries.

Don’t provide any information this is not from DoorDash

When you contact DD, or they contact you, they have your number, and they have your account there. They never ask for login and pw… sorry you losing your money bro but if you stay in these groups religiously you should know they never ask for your login and these scams been going around like crazy

Smh doordash should be prosecuting these scammers. They have the banking info, so I’m sure it’s not hard to locate the scammer to file charges.

People don’t have to provide any personal info as a customer. I’m sure even the card paid with could be prepaid to mask identity.

That’s not what I mean. They are changing the drivers banking info to their own so that they receive the deposit. Therefore, doordash has the scammers banking info.

That’s why they ask for your email and password… so that they may log in and switch your banking info over to their banking info; then they receive your direct deposit.

@michaela_biksacky many prepaid cards have banking and routing numbers. Green dot, bought at Wal-Mart favored by scammers is the most popular. Their customer service is probably like doordash, they don’t listen to complaints because they might lose money.

:no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: SCAM UPDATE! :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: This is the fake order of the scam! I believe somebody in the DD office is trying to get our information. When I arrived at the location with the order, it told me to leave a message for a 646 area code number. This is a fraudulent order! DO NOT give out your information over text message. Then the employee is giving fake orders will have access to your bank account and information! The reason I suspect a DD employee is because I was immediately given a big order right after I was done with this one. This is a scam from one of their outsourced overseas employee!

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He’s placing fake orders and then trying to get your information. When I got to the location not only was no one there, but the phone number went straight to voicemail after two rings. Which means he sat in an office looked up an address, put in a fake order, called me when I picked the order up, made up a fake script, tried to get my info, hung up on me when I wouldn’t give it to him, and then immediately gave me another order and a free delivery on Door Dash. That’s a lot of work and careful planning. How many other people are like him assigning orders every day?

Guys this happened to me as well, the “customer” supposedly, places a small order, such as a drink, then he/she calls you and tells you they need to verify your information and they say they are calling from headquarters. Headquarters would never call you, he was confirmed by a doordash manager. They asked me they needed to verify that I wasn’t using another vehicle other than the one I had in my app. I kept hanging up because while driving to restaurant he kelt calling and even asked me to pull over on the street and answer the call. While he called and called (no answer from me) I was on the phone with doordash customer service, they tried tracing the phone number that was calling, indeed it was the customer for whose order I was picking up, but doordash customer service said that phone number was not active on their system by a customer. I went to the delivery address they put on the app, it was a random building downtown, arrived and called multiple times and didn’t get a response.