Doordash Card Declined, I Had To Pay For The Order

So, instead of doordash fixing the problem of a card being declined, they decided that I had to pay for it, and they will reimburse me…rent, bills, everything is due next week, and this is the BS they think is ok to do. They couldn’t just out money on the card and reimburse the customer? I’m just at a loss right now.

Drumroll and the Grammy goes too… Haha. Sounds like you are trying to low key get your bills paid or get more money from people online

Right? Seems a bit overdramatic to me too. I’ve gotten yelled at by multiple customers and DD in a 30 minute period of time and STILL never acted like this. I went home and got drunk. DD asked me to pay for a $75 order once… I laughed at the person on the phone. I told them “first of all you guys don’t pay me enough to have an extra $75 laying around. Second, I don’t carry that much cash with me.” The person told me to use my credit card, and I said “Like I bring my personal card with me to dash. Either put the money on the card or unassign it so I can move on.” It got unassigned. They never asked me to pay out of my own pocket ever again, and I continued only bringing a $10 bill with me to dash in case of needing gas or food for myself.

Now if this thing with her is true, they’re gonna continue assigning orders like this and if she says no they’re gonna pull the “but you did last time.”

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You should never let things like this stress you, we only live once. You do not have to do it if you don’t want to. Simply tell him you don’t have money and unassign and go on to the next order. I’ve done it before, and Great see you later and grab reimburse you right away, but if at any time again feel like no I can’t pay for it I wouldn’t. Also not because they don’t have the money, it’s because you’re having issues with that certain card at that moment. Anyways Like I said you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do, especially at a job like this. You would not be punished; you will not get deactivated. Don’t let little stuff like this overwhelm you.

As my mother would say you are making a mountain out of a mole hill… 1st of all it is just business nothing to get emotional over… Simply tell the support person that you did not bring any cash or credit cards with you… They will unassign it and then you will receive half delivery pay for showing up at the restaurant… Believe me I do understand how frustrating DD can be… I have over 1000 deliveries… You just cannot let them get to you where you are making emotional decisions… Couple of deep breaths and then move forward…

I’m sorry you had a bad day. It’s hard watching you be emotional over this. Knowing that you already had wasted so much time and energy on this one order, I would have just told them to cancel it and remove the order. You never have to use your own money; it’s just their recommendation. I’ve been asked before; no thank you. Live and learn right. Hope you’re feeling better.

they told us every single day : no worries tomorrow you will have the money, and we believed them… so he just kept dashing waiting for the payment, and after a long time I told him, please don’t do it again, and he applied for PM but he has a person that has his name, and he always has problems with the background check, and he had problems with the drivers license because of that , apparently the man who lives in Colorado and that has his name has lots of law problems and my husband always get his problems because of him, so he didn’t want to apply anywhere else… and decided to wait for DD payment…

They asked me once too but I told them I didn’t have money ( I did but no way! Is their responsibility not mine ) so noooooo DON’T DO IT EVER… even if they reimburse and I understand you… they don’t care if you have to pay your bills next week… my husband had to work for free for more than 2 months because they didn’t pay him when he first became a dasher and we had to make loans to pay our rent … We wrote them like 23 times, and they only said they were fixing it… after two months he got paid, but they just worked my husband’s money…

I’ve had to do it once with a huge order because the restaurant only accepted cash. Just did it because I wanted a nice tip lol but for sure they reimbursed! Took a bit longer than they said :rage: but this was like a year ago. Their whole set up has changed. You’ll get your money.

You are not required to pay with your own money, and they still would have provided partial pay for the order once you had them reassign it. I’ve done it twice (when I was a new dasher) and the first reimbursement was quick, the second, not so much. I hope things improve for you😉.