Door slammers... Is it worth it to confront them?

They can cause a lot of damage to the car internals doing that for some Unknown reason people randomly do it.

Yesterday I pick up this college chick takes a uber 4 blocks in a college town then when I get to her destination she slams the door.

I’ve had many instances too when that occurs.

Starting to give 1 stars to door slammers because it’s annoying.

I’ve noticed my rating plummeting after giving one stars to pax for things like this.

They can see their rating change in real time now so they have begun retaliating. Best to five star everyone and change it later.

Make a decal that says. Please close the door gently upon exiting. Thank you.

I have Auto doors in my van and have signs on both doors yet people still Yank on the handle and Pull the door back. I know one of these times they’re going to pull it off the track

people for some reason think they must slam the door. My gf still even does it, when ive told her a bunch of times she doesnt need to. ive given up

24 years, never had a problem. Experts agree that slamming doors doesn’t cause damage due to the fact that the surfaces areas all touch at the same time.

As for windows, that must have been an old ass car. Tempered glass now a days takes ALOT to break it. You have to hit it in a corner. Ever seen cops beat the glass with an ASP? As soon as they hit a corner though, it breaks.

If you are so worried about it, do deliveries.

I’m more worried about people yanking on the door handle then slamming the door. Door handles are junk these days. That is why I open and doors for them

Lol I think you are being dramatic in saying it causes internal damage but I can see how it’ll be annoying. Just have a window decal reminding them not to bang the door. Also, I wouldn’t give 1 star over it. Some people just have a heavy hand or closed it too hard on accident. Maybe they are used to a heavy SUV door and went overboard on your lightweight sedan door. Not worth confronting people.

I have more people that shut it lightly and it not latching. I appreciate that they realize it and open the door and reshut. I dont trip on hard door shutters. I just laugh and say dang. Lol

Easy. When you stop you say something like “watch your step getting out, please be easy on the door when you close it” simple as that.

Roll your drivers side window down as they get out. It’s takes some of the pressure off and even if they slam it it’s not as bad.

I WISH I had that problem. With my Honda, you HAVE to slam the door, otherwise it won’t close all the way.