Don't you get out and open the Pax's door(s) for them when you stop for a fare pick up?

If you would do that, you would get to stretch a little, and provide that 5 Star expierience …seriously though take the time at pick up to at least get out of the car a bit and stretch, helps me tremendously.

I drive 5-7 hours a day and take at least two bathroom breaks during that time; I’ll stop at a gas station and walk around. I’ve also gotten out of my car at random times when it’s slow and just move around (phone in hand) to get blood circulating.

lol gotta will it out! Unless I’m near a bathroom I can’t really go (I drive overnight 10-5am; 12-5am) unless I’m by my place or a safe gas station (GetGo or Sheetz here in PA) everything else is closed.

Put your seat upright so your head is square over your shoulders. Adjust your steering wheel such that your hands rest at ten and two. This way your hands bear the burden of the weight of your arms.

Invest in a beaded seat cover to minimize back sweat. On 14 hour shifts, I usually have to change my shirt once or I smell like a homless person.

I almost always have coffee in my cup holder…I have to get out often…usually during my breaks I wipe my SUV down, keep the tires shiny, vacuum if necessary…I get a compliment every single passenger I pick up how clean my vehicle is and smells good. I can’t sit for too long…gotta move around

Yeah, they work best when there’s foot traffic. Here in St Louis, the nicer hotels work best because they have big bars that drive a lot of traffic so you don’t get noticed. Also, all the valets know me because I feed them candy when I’m picking up.

Oh I hear ya it does help, I dress sharply in my super schweet Express ensembles (button up, charcoal jeans, black boots). I don’t want to interact with any valets though lol I want to be stealthy. It’s tough when places are closed but I’m slowly marking my go-to bathroom gas stations… four so far in the city.

I get out and walk around when I need to. Take a break, find a Walmart Super Center and stroll around, get one of those massage seat covers to sit on. I’m guess you have back problems?

For home games this year here Uber was doing a promo with it’s drivers rather than the guarantees that they did last year. To compete you basically had to work 18 hour shifts on gamedays.

I usually aim for a bathroom break about every 3 hours, even if I don’t have to, particularly if I’m planning a long shift and might hit a few busy hours… Make sure to stay hydrated on long shifts, which of course means you’ll need regular bathroom breaks as well.

No! Never place your hands at the bottom of the steering wheel. I teach all my driving students NEVER to place hands at bottom of wheel. Ask any defensive driving instructor and you’ll hear the same. It’s a lazy position and you lose nearly all your turning leverage in an emergency situation.

Solid advice, I have a issue with prolonged seating too. My car has heated seats and that helps a bunch. I also have icy hot in the applicator. I’m not into caffeine, but I realize the benefits. My preferred pick me ups are an 8 oz coke, Nero energy water, and when I’m out of those, coffee.

I keep a nap kit in the car for the dead times. Small pillow and a blanky. Yes I said blanky. My wife sleeps with it and when I nap it brings me to a snooze quickly. It also reminds me of why I do this insane job.

I keep mouthwash on hand, and watever book I’m reading. For food I have a bulk beef jerky bag. If I’m riding a great surge like Halloween night I wear a rubber band on my wrist and smack it.

I have a small, inflatable pillow meant for camping that I use. I partially inflate it, and it’s just right to keep me comfortable for several hours. My seats are pretty comfortable, so I do not have trouble with my posterior.