Don't want my car smell blunt

So I just arrived to pick up my Lyft pax and she’s smoking a blunt right in front of me and tells me to wait so she can finish getting high. Mind u her kid is a foot away watching all this. I’m like byeeeee and I cancelled ride reported her to Lyft because it was a scheduled pick up and got my 10.00 cancellation. I don’t want that smell in my car. Would u of done the same or drive the pax? Only thing that really frustrated me it was a hour ride.

It’s legal in Cali
I just hate the smell plus ur kids are around so be an example not a creator of future bad behavior

Actually you said it’s legal? Why is it your business if it’s a medical condition or not? You wanna cancel, cancel. But dont be a judgemental twat.

I know we have a job to do be responsible but you don’t know if she has problems or something tragic happened

I pulled up to a pickup Saturday Night, near where the Outside Lands music festival had just let out. There were two 20something dudes smoking a bowl. They put away their pipe and weed and got in. They smelled pretty strongly of it. It was a shared ride. We picked up another pax, who had also been at the festival. Took about 45 mins to get from West SF to North Berkeley, including p/u and drop of the other pax.
Along the way, we all had good conversation, laughs, and some deep thoughts. I dropped them off, sprayed my Ozium, and collected my $60.
I had another pickup almost immediately, about two blocks away. I apologized to her if she could smell it, and explained the situation. She said she could smell the vanilla air freshener, but no trace of the weed. Then we also had a nice conversation about how Lyft/Uber are great because it makes it so much easier to get a ride and there are now a lot fewer high/drunk people driving themselves.

Wait, are you in California? And you have a problem with this? You know it’s legal now? So you’re discriminating against someone because you don’t like what they’re doing? Would you do the same if someone was smoking a cigarette or cigar? Because those smell much more strongly and linger for longer.

I wouldn’t let them in because of the stench. I could not care less about what they choose to do… I don’t like funky smells. In fact just today some guy got in my back seat and after pulling off I noticed he smelled of stank shitty ass. I wanted to kick him out but didn’t. But had I known he would be stank, he wouldn’t be in my car lol

Air freshener would fix the “stench” if it was just the residual smell from the pax and not being smoked in the car. I just don’t get it. I know people use rideshare for normal daily tasks but I still thought I’d be everyone’s DD when I signed up.

I’m making my money especially on an hr trip… Blunt spray and Windows down when her trip was over. Y’all doing too much.

I’ve dealt with the smell far too long I’m glad I stood my ground. U want to take the ride u do it. It’s my choice.

Then why ask if you already have your answer. Get a good air freshener /air spray and oxium to remove any post ride odors

Right! I’d throw a fit if the fact that I “smell bad” was why you won’t pick me up AND think you’re entitled to my money.