Don't take extra riders

Just don’t start the meter until you know who is riding and who is not. If you are an UberX driver and you pull up on more than 4 people…you should lock the doors and confirm whether you have the correct fare and how many are riding. Anymore than 4…just tell them to call a UberXL…it’s not worth arguing and listening to the *****ing during the trip just to get a one star at the end. Life is too short.

Did the right thing. I had 5 black guys trying to get in my car, after I told them no, and one of them was like, it’s only down the road! I told them I don’t have time for this, and I have to work. They tried getting in, even after I said no, but I had my doors locked. I’m not stupid. Just be firm. that’s the beginning, middle, and end.

Oh come on, I doubt there was any hidden meaning there. It’s not that unusual for people to include the race/gender of the people they are discussing. Technically he could have just said “5 people”, but he was describing his event. No harm, no foul, peace, love and unicorns, y’all !!!

Yeah but in a discussion about picking up a number of riders why did he have to point out the race when it doesn’t matter in this discussion…
I’ve had five passengers try to get in and didn’t care what race they were its wasn’t happening

Then maybe you have never been in a room with a non-white describing a random event. Do you ever say " 5 women"? “5 old men” , etc? People tend to give visuals. I may say " so I was at lunch with all my Indian coworkers…" if I’m describing an event to an all white American family, just to paint the visual. I probably would not say the same to my Indian friends, since (valid assumption or not) I may assume their first visual is a group of Indians. God, why does everything have to be sinister ?

This whole issue of 5 people trying to get into my car has been happening a lot lately, and every single party has insisted that it’s okay and is mesmerized when I refuse. The kicker is that they also insist other Uber drivers do it, which doesn’t make it right… and shame on other desperate Uber drivers, who may or may not know any better, for perpetuating this habit. It’s so frustrating to arrive at a pick up site only to see people scrambling in as if I won’t notice!

Drive up with doors locked, ask how many, answers of more than 4 = instant drive off and cancel. No argument. The same goes if I see any pax headed to the car with any kind of beverage. Cancel and drive off, no argument or discussion of any kind with any of them. Same goes if I hear any wooping, hollering or any other drunken @@@@@@baggery when they approach the car. Drive off, cancel.

Last night a group of 5 young immature college type kids got into my car, after which I told them it was max 4, and then saying it’s illegal after their initial ‘shock’ and exasperation. They got our, and slammed all my doors on the way out, but then they finally decided to do two uberx’s, and three of them came back in - yes, I was being nice enough to let them ride still. But next time I’m going to be more firm in kicking people out and locking my doors beforehand.

It seems the more politicians wring their hands about how to get drunks off the street (enter more cabs, TNCs, etc) the the more obnoxious drunks have become. It is like they know there is a giant net to catch them from 12 am on…

Taxi drivers have been putting up with type of crap for years. As uber are taking the taxi work these issues are to be expected. Unfortunately uber users in some cases feel they can do what they want because they can give you a bad rating if you dont do as they wish. Its not worth braking the law for especially if something goes wrong.

There are several locations I routine do pickups from where I text, “Your Uber has arrived. No more than four passengers and no open alcohol please.” as soon as I arrive. Taking more than four passengers with UberX will cause you a ton of grief if you ever got in an accident. If someone refused to get out of my car, I’d call 911 immediately. One more reason to have an internal dash cam.

In the instance of more the 4 people, I pick “Rider requested cancel”. AKA, rider refused to follow UberX’s policies.

Most of the time I cancel, it’s for “No Show” after waiting six minutes after arrival. You only need to wait 5 but I give it an extra minute to be on the safe side. My market is new so I’m not compensated for most no show cancels because it’s the rider’s first.

You can also cancel with an ‘other reason’ option now. You get an email to which you can respond for driver feedback, which I did and simply stated that I had to cancel due to the 4 pax max policy.

If I was a driver, I would want an option which was a “non negotiable” rejection. This would cover issues such as illegal requests, or any other actions which are against policy. It seems this company gives passengers entirely too much power to change prices and drive and pay after the trip.