Don't like front seat PAX

I’m not a big fan of front seat pax, unless it’s someone I know. But if they insist on it, I’ll allow it. I understand the annoyance, because I too don’t like having to move my personal things from the front seat.

One trick I learned though, on occasion if you you’re going to get someone you can’t stand, put as much stuff on the front seat as you can, and that will discourage them from wanting to sit there.

Personally I prefer passengers to sit in the front seat. I can see more easily what they are doing and gauge their intentions better. And if they carry on a conversation it makes it easier.

How do you know before they get in the car if you can’t stand them? The only time I know if a passenger is going to be unpleasant in advance is if they are rude on the phone. If the pax is rude over the phone I cancel on them.

Oh I forgot to mention, I’m referring to when driving a cab and not uber. Our company has our share of 'regulars", most lydecent people. So we might know in advance what to expect if we’ve had that pax before.

I understand where your coming from. I prefer people to sit in the back but I don’t mad about it. I accept it and move on because I have better things to focus my anger and frustration on than a pax sitting in the front seat.

i prefer a pax in the front. the last place i want them is right behind me. for safety and security of course. but also if a pax sits up front 5 star is most likely and it means a less uncomfortable ride as the pax is usually engaged in talk

I drive a taxi I put my front seat all the way forward and have things sitting there…if someone opens psngr door I say “sorry insurance regs. Say less than 3 people must sit in the back”…no problem in 13 years

Make up a little sign that you stick on your passenger window: “No passengers in the front seat, please” or somesuch. Something visible that when someone approaches that door, they see it. That said, when you get four passengers, you’re gonna have to deal with it.

My front passenger seat is for me. I do have water jugs/trash on my front seat floor and random items of mine on my front seat. This usually gets the pax to sit in back if they see it. My response to someone who opens passengers door “sorry i have stuff here”.

man clean your car. i have everything i need in my glovebox or trunk no need for extra clutter on the floor or seat. thats a good way to get down starred and it is just disgusting. take pride in your car

glad you dont care about a 3 year old car. you know if you put a little pride into you car by keeping it clean it would last longer. so as you put it that w h o r e car can make you more money. only reason to be a disgusting pig is pure laziness

I’m putting in a ton of miles on this lil cash cow and when april hits after 3 years of owning it I’ll trade it in for a newer model with the same car payment or less. I have zero pride in my car.

that extra pride could net you a bigger payday when you sell it. instead of trading in a 14 camry with lets say 200k miles in good shape for 1-2k. you could still net a nice 3500+ to a private party. now if you treated it like garbage which i assume you did you lost a lot of extra money for a few minutes of your time every day.

I could care less if people are in front or back. I’ve found, for the most part, people in the front are more pleasant to be around. I also know alot of people (my wife included ) who get car sick in back, but are fine in the front. So I definitely prefer they sit up front.

Why do you care about his business at all? Does it hurt your eyeballs so much to see that someone else does things differently than you? It’s water under the bridge bro. Just let it go. Live your life or go make money or something

i just dont understand people. besides maybe he doesnt realize he is hurting himself in the long run. some people dont understand how a trade in work if you have a current loan etc. just informing him he would be best served to keep the car longer or sell it private to get the most out of it

ok so you paid 17k in 3 years thats great but your still losing around 2.5 or 3k by not taking a few minutes to take car of your car. its your choice i just think its insane to throw away money. specially in a field where 1-2k can make or break you.