Don't kiss ass, you'll come off fake

Just be yourself and get a feel for when someone wants to talk or not. A lot of passengers like to gather thier thoughts and appreciate a quiet driver. Let them initiate the convo after you welcome them in. Try to drop off as close to door location and always great with a smile. And stop give out 5 stars to non tippers.

I don’t kiss ass and I don’t talk to them unless they initiate conversation. I do greet them and all that. I’m just like WTF. But, YES you are right on the 5 stars I need to stop that.

So what’s your rating that you’re so worried about? There was a guy on here last week complaining he was going to be activated and it turned out he was at a 4.8.

One thing that worked for me when I was down to a 7.2 now at a 9.2 was I just became interested in their lives, all anyone wants to do is hear about themselves… and in the process I get to learn a thing or two.

If they do not continue to talk just drive and act focused on the road, if they talk then the ice should be broken and just talk about them…their life, career, hobbies, if they ask about you then talk about you, but not for too long because all the rider wants is to talk about themselves in the end…its just the mindset they have as a paying customer.

Oh, totally. It’s frustrating. My car is clean & is free of any fragrances. If they haven’t already jumped in the car, I always open the door for them or help them with any bags or packages.

I offer bottled water and mints. I always have an umbrella, tissues, puke bags, phone chargers for iPhones & Androids. I always make sure they’re comfortable with the temp and ask them their music preference.

I have a picture taped to the back of the head rests of people who were tied up in my trunk. When passengers ask about them I say…those are people I thought rated me 4 stars and below.

Uber wants us to believe that because our driver ratings are the result of averaging the individual star ratings our paxs give us that it has created a fair and valid driver rating system. The fact of the matter, however, is that nothing could be further from the truth, statistically speaking.

The paxs rate drivers on an interval scale. The intervals are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. There are no partial scores, like 3.5 or 4.8 However, Uber makes driver keep/kill decisions based on an ordinal scale.

The problem is, you cannot use interval data to create an ordinal scale. Doing so results in a statistically invalid rating system that produces no meaningful output. And for those who understand statistics, it’s basic statistical knowledge that mixing ordinal and interval scales produces no useable results.

Bottom line, don’t fret about your rating. In this flawed system, there is zero difference between a 4.71 and a 5.0 rating. All you have to remember is to keep your rating above 4.7, which isn’t at all challenging, and you’ll be fine. DO NOT get caught up in meaningless numerical values that have no statistical basis.

This is a bunch of nonsense. It’s got nothing to do with mixing interval and ordinal scales. Uber simply takes all your integer ratings and takes the average do determine how riders grade you.

That’s a perfectly legitimate rating method. If it’s not, then you have to explain to the drivers who rate 4.9 why they actually aren’t doing anything better than the drivers who rate 4.5. In other words, if there’s nothing meaningful about the ratings, then a really awful driver could rate a 4.9, right?

No need to apologize or feel bashful. Lots of people don’t understand Stats, which is why so many make the same errors you did up above. It’s all good. The malnourished coyote is watching out for all of us and he doesn’t mind educating his fellow drivers. That’s what we’re here for, after all.

After a while you have enough trips under your belt, and can see how many trips were rated 5 stars, how many not 5 stars, how many unrated. You can do your own math to see the average rating they show you.

The majority, if you are doing a good job and follow all the Uber tips and those presented on these forums (except those that are unethical or aim to pay back the riders), will be 5 stars. They will also show you any reported problems. So for me with 732 total trips, 579 rated, 538 5 stars, only 4 reported problems.