Don't kill a big tipper

He did not know how much the fare, maybe he just guess from A to B is approximately $25 - $35 and assume the rest is for me. I did not tell him, he walked away so fast, I was too surprise to react also. I was so happy someone tipping me so much, then only later I thought “oh maybe when he realizes what he did he will regret it and complain about me”.

Clearly when setting up a rider account you have to input your credit card information. If a pax didn’t get the clue, then it’s not your fault. You have absolutely no reason to feel bad and furthermore no proof that he even gave you a tip.

The ethical thing to do is refund his fare in the app if you believe he was paying the fare AND generously tipping.

You could also just do as others have said and let Uber know you aren’t sure what he was paying you for, fare + tip or just tip, because of his condition. The only option I personally would not choose for certain is staying quiet. It will look pretty bad if he complains.

He gave it to you, what’s the problem? Why do you have guilt over getting paid? Wow, no wonder Uber is able to get away with this prices.

He was drunk, what can you do. People need to stop worrying so much. It’s obvious what to do in this situation. Take it, and get on with your life.

Obviously, these people are making bad life choices to be drinking so much that something like this happens. They are using their money to hurt themselves. So much damage. It’s a sad situation really.

Fill up your gas tank and yourself and hit the road during surge hours,till you’re running on empty again.That would make you feel like a true businessman,when you see the money quadruple in a matter of few hours…

Think of the many instances where you’ve succumbed to losing your hard earned money,it happens to everyone all the time. So,in a situation like this thank “karma” for paying you back … Smile n move on…

It’s usually better for support to hear about it from you first because riders tend to blow that stuff completely out of proportion. I mean, if he gave it to you and walked off, what could you do?

I was accidentally tipped $100 one night. I tracked the PAX down the next morning. Asked him if he meant to do that. He said no, and then told me to keep it. Sounds good to drop the fare ,but is he going to send 20% to UBER?

I’d try to give it back. Or just come up with some reason to get the fare cancelled by Uber so you’ll make the whole $50 and he wont be charged.

I would insist he keep the money. Tell him Uber pays me so well that I don’t need your filthy money. I make $35 an hour average according to the many ads I see for Uber and Lyft. I am so rich my bank has a private parking spot with my name on it! L O L.

Alls well that ends well. Thanks for sharing your experience. I learned everything I needed to know from John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16… play, work, Jesus…

The worst that will happen is a ugly e-mail from Uber and a one star rating, that you will probably never notice. Just keep quiet, if you do not hear anything for a week, pay it forward to someone else.

I wouldn’t worry about it. He was drunk and may not even remember. It’s not like you swindled him; he gave it to you. He was probably focused on getting some, so he wanted you gone quickly. I doubt he’ll complain, especially if he’s over 40.