Don't go through the nightmare I am. GET rideshare coverage

If you are driving your own vehicle. MAKE SURE you get rideshare insurance coverage. This is above and beyond your own personal insurance.
Your personal insurance can and will drop you for being a lyft/uber driver. It’s considered commercial driving.

Did you have GEICO? I know they are anti-rideshare in NV atm. What happened that would be considered a nightmare?

Just signed up under this and my rate went down by $150 a month!!! You’ll be getting ur $10 Rosie! Thankx for this post.

I pay $190 for my umbrella coverages with USAA. Max coverage no deductable and ride share full coverage.

Everyone else wanted at least triple.

State farm wanted to charge me $1200 a MONTH with a $1000 deductable for only 50/100/50 coverage. But my good ole USAA can’t be beat, yet. If Geico ever gets on board with Ride share in NV I’ll probably switch

No. We don’t use agents.

For State farm it was a person at my dealership and a previous member of usdra lv

Auto Insurance companies that do rideshare in Nevada:

State Farm (PT drivers only)

Only when you are on the way to pickup a rider or have a rider in the car. Not in between. It is the parts they don’t tell you (or out right lie) to get you to sign on.

They do with a heafty deductable and the insurance is a pain in the ass to work with. They try to push liability on to your personal insurance Everytime. And they are impossible to get a human on the phone.

Wanna week off? Too bad, you gotta take 20 rides every week.
Want something that’s not a base model turd? Oh, too bad.
Mine doesn’t even have a back up camera or auto headlights.

Allstate quoted me at $325 a month. $28 more a month then I pay now. But god they want a $900 down payment

Each person is going to have a different situation, which may make one company or another a better deal.

I dropped my AAA when I started rideshare and switch to farmers because at the time they were the only ones offering it in Nevada.

After a year I shopped, that whole state was $30 per month cheaper including the rideshare coverage. I switched over and have been happy with them.

But I know people who have gone the opposite direction because it was cheaper.

USAA is pretty universally acknowledged as one of the cheapest options for a ride share rider. It used to be they were only available in California and other states… Nice to hear that they have Addit Nevada to the list.

I was hit by another car and the motor vehicle report shows me at fault. My insurance said I was 100% not at fault.

Or any family that have? If so ask them to sign up with their info and then you can sign up under them. I have my auto & home owners insurance with them and I have 4 bank accounts with them as well. No one can beat them.

Please go to USAA for everything then. We had geico and was pay 700 a month for our cars and we went to USAA and I pay 370 for 3 car with 300/500 coverage.

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