Don't give every pax 5stars just because

If your not outside when i arrive automatic 3, then the longer i wait the lower it goes.When I tell pax they have a low rating they get really nervous and are really concerned. I then tell them if they’re rating gets to low they will get deactivated. That makes them be more respectful and be outside when we arrive. If you tell them they have 5stars they will continue to make driver’s wait and not give a **** about us.

I have opened my trunk (using remote) about 30 times. Only once a woman put her 2 little bags on the ground and ask me to put them in. What I should have done is never to get out of my car.

I just do my job as I would do it like I was still driving a taxi with no rating system
and I am currently at 4.86 but I believe that’s only because I had some disrespectful idiots and did not accept people
touching my radio buttons (volume up) WITHOUT prior asking for permission… if they ask it’s ok
And I am also refusing fast food runs. I made some exceptions because a $20 dollar bill on top of the fare sometimes changes my mind

I had a pax last night (Stephen) who recently earned his Masters in Econ. We got to talking about the Uber rating system. I asked him if he understood statistics, sampling, and statistical methodology. He let out a groan and said, “Oh, god, don’t remind me. I’ve done more stats than I care to recall.”

How does Uber use the rating system to kill/keep passengers? I believe you are incorrect and Uber would keep a 1* customer as long as their credit card was still good.

Nah, I didn’t rub one out when I got the 4.95. See, I understand that the rating system is flawed and isn’t anywhere close to being statistically sound, so I don’t take any pride or flattery in the value

You missed the point. There’s no butt-kissing going on here. The current rating system is so horribly flawed from a statistical point of view, that it is impossible to generate any meaningful information from it. Uber likely knows this but it isn’t in any great hurry to change it. Ergo, the most pragmatic thing for paxs and drivers to do is rate everyone 5 stars regardless of how anyone actually feel. This is purely a self-preservation technique in a flawed system that is being used to make keep/kill decisions on drivers.

Are you sure the passenger can’t see his ratings? I agree with the Op, it seems like when you give a bad rating they retaliate by giving you a bad rating.
I have uber on my personal phone, I don’t see a rating, but then again, I’ve never ordered a car.

No they can not 100% not…

You can rate them a 1Star if they deserved it and they will have no idea what you gave them.

If you have an idiot play nice and say hey you’re an awesome guy I give you 5 Stars…
as he leaves your car **** up his rating (if he deserves it…)

The pax will NEVER see how you rated, unless he watches you do it on your phone. However, given how horribly flawed and statistically invalid the rating system is, your best bet is to rate all riders 5 stars and to also tell them you’re rating them 5 stars. Given how disastrously flawed the rating system is, your only goal is to collect as many fives as you can. That’s how I moved from 4.8 to 4.95 this past weekend. Just educate your passengers.

I agree on that point. If you start the trip early, you can’t cancel if the need arises. However, from the sound of it you’re not canceling and driving when obvious problems arise before the client gets in your car.

lol… funny but you see it’s not “cancelling” it’s ending a ride and now they can rate you…
If you don’t start a ride they can do nothing at all…

I’m over 1000 trips and only twice have I not given out 5 stars. Those 2 times were 1’s for dropping a pin miles from where they actually were and expecting me to come pick them up.

Wow… the matter of the fact is, and without doubt that, the pax cannot see or know what their overall rating is, nor will they have any personal access to how each driver rated them. End of argument… this thread should have been done a long time ago.

If you moved from 4.8 to 4.95 overall in 1 night, you don’t drive very much at all considering that your rating is based on the average of your last 500 rides. Also, I highly doubt that Uber deactivates many pax accounts as I have seen many with sub 4.0 ratings.

how is that a mix of the scales?
logically flawed: you educate riders, and get immediate results? how?
big jump in rating overnight means just 1 thing as the other poster mentioned - not a lot of trips.