Don't end the trip early

Because as soon as you end the trip you are not covered by Uber insurance … and if you get in an accident the pax will not be covered by Uber either. Add on the fact that as soon as you end the trip and have a pax in your car, you’re also likely violating city and/or state laws too. The only way I’d even consider turning off the meter early is if you have (1) Commercial Livery Insurance; (2) TLC License (if available in your city).

Exactly … how many cities has Uber operated in without permission? Uber didn’t pay $7.6M to CA PUC because they were following rules. Nope … Uber violates virtually every law that they encounter … and they pay Millions annually to lobbyists and attorneys getting laws changed in their favor.

Don’t worry about me. Someone asked their options and I told her what they were. I don’t give away miles for missing a turn. After 1700 rides my rating can withstand a one star. Follow your gps and you’ll be fine.

If you use the Uber tool, expect one or two stars. I’ve given up on that one because pax still gives you low stars as they see the charge statement long before the refund request is processed, at that point the stars are locked in.

Get them to the destination and ask Uber to only charge from where you got them and dropped them off… that is it. Some of the answers here…

For insurance purposes, please never end the trip until the pax is out of your car. You need to cover you asss at all times. I’d rather have a bad rating and an upset pax, than a lawsuit against me by a disgruntled pax. Just think about it.

I’ve had this happen. Simple. First, acknowlege the mistake and tell the pax that you will get it right by contacting uber. Tell them that uber will adjust the fare to the most efficient route. This will calm the pax and build trust, and help protect your rating.

In Uber/X the rate quoted is only an estimate and the passenger does pay time + mileage + surge, so if you miss the exit you could end the trip early. But the passenger knows and is already planning to give you a lower rating because you “got lost”.

In San Francisco with techies making $150K a year and lots rich people and tourists using Uber, most passengers have no idea what the rates really are or how low they are or how they are calculated. So they could give a crap if the fare is $6.50 or $9.50.

Once Uber’s insurance kicks in it’s good until the rider steps out of your vehicle. The idea that insurance just cuts off mid trip if the app stops or the trip is ‘canceled’ for some reason is a just wrong. But it seems to be the common perception on this board.

You shouldn’t end the ride early. God forbid, 1 minute later you get t-boned and your passenger gets hurt or even worse, dies. You will be sued foreverything you own. And I’m not talking down to you but if your driving for uber, that kind of lets me know you don’t have millions stacked aside incase of something like that.

It was barely two miles that I had driven them. But then it was equal amount out of the way because I had to take the next exit. I did what I thought was the right thing to do.

No I did not give away the whole ride at all. It was a long ride and I missed the exit within the first tenth of the ride - and had to go on a direction at ninety degree from where we were headed. The ride cost the same for the pax on the another uber that they called.

If it was in a longer trip, I would offer a cash back. Just guess how many miles & extra time spent… Ending trip early is not good from insurance coverage perspective.

I did think about offering cash back. That was in fact the first thought that came to my mind. However the prospect of driving with a upset and rude passenger was not worth the money for me.