Don't anger cab drivers!

In some cities they take down your license plate number & picture and send it to insurance companies. In others they take short rides and rate you with one star till u r deactivated. In Paris they set ur car on fire…!!!

We’re talking of two different things. Non-right-of-way property is zoned for type of use (Commercial, Residential, etc, with different classes and different restrictions). Cities establishing parking, load-unload, taxi, tour bus areas, etc are a different matter.

The city of Austin sells metered street parking to valets. The idea is that a few valet spots can accommodate many more front row demands, by swiftly moving a vehicle to an off-site location.

No, drop off in white zones or yellow, if you can get away with it. But, in downtown San Diego, where I drive, especially in the Gaslamp, sometimes the only option is to drop off while double parked.

They prefer to stop in the street to discharge passengers. Then they sit there for five minutes fiddling with the app. One of these days as pax is going to jump out of the car and wham!

If you were the third or fourth party to the group that you just dropped off - How the hell would the Cabbie know this or an UBER Driver? They wouldn’t! If it ever happens again be smart and non-confrontational; smile and proceed if you’re able to.

Keep in mind that Uber exists by being allowed to ignore laws and regulations. The legitimate taxi drivers are paying for actual commercial insurance and fees which Uber has inexplicably been allowed to circumvent.

It said taxi zone . Also that’s like the only spot that was available to drop off my customer safely. I don’t think it’s a big deal and I am always going to drop off my customers in a safe area even if it says taxi zone.

Get over it taxidrivers! We got to love you ! we need to be in peace on the roads ! You know we drive the same roads as you. So, there needs to be some PEACE ! between you guys and us Uber drivers.

I agree with your sentiment but I don’t comsider a car parked if I’m inside with the intention to move. It’s like blocking a fire exit by standing near it… Better believe I’d be moving THROUGH it to get out of the way in an emergency.

Interesting that you would tread on their ground without ever thinking that you are trespassing on their income line. It is disrespectful. Would it not be better and fairer if you respected the fact that the cabbie paid for the right to be in that line or taxi area and you didn’t? Just not RESPECTFUL.

My best advice would be to drop your pax’s off on the corner if it is a heavy traffic zone and parking areas filled. Car in park, emergency flashers on, check rear view to ensure no one is speeding up on you, then hit the door unlock button.

They made these taxi signs before Uber came out so that’s not fair!! Technically it did not say taxis only it just said taxi zone

Well look at the bright side, I don’t think any cop would give you a ticket for ubering, you can probably get away with murder however it must be a pain being harassed by guys all day asking for your number.