Don’t have a dash cam? Please, don’t complain about being deactivated for bogus claims made by riders

If you drive for any rideshare and don’t have a dash cam… please, don’t complain about being deactivated for bogus claims made by riders. You only have yourself to blame… you are responsible for covering your own butt. The cameras never lie.

Uber also doesn’t accept the footage often. Sometimes they accept it but most of the time they don’t care about it.

No, sweetie. The lying PAX and enabling Uber are the only blame holders for false claims causing us problems.

Having footage to dispel a passengers lie is worth its weight in gold.

You definitely don’t only have yourself to blame, I would say the lying passenger deserves all of the blame. Good logic though.

I have the vantrue n2 dashcam …using a 256gb sd card . This gives me approx. 9 hrs outside and 9 hrs inside. The problem is , that after the 9 hrs it rewrites over itself . What happens if the allegation comes 2 or 3 days later ? Obviously its false and nothing happened so there was no reason to save any footage …Should we upload every shifts footage onto a zip drive or PC?..Again , these false claims come from no where so the only safe thing to do is to have more 256gb cards ( expensive ) or save each day to another source…SMH

I tend to blame the person making the bogus claims, but perhaps that’s just me?

From what I understand, usually Uber barely hints at WHY they’re deactivating you, much less WHO complained. So what video are you gonna pull?

It keeps Pax from acting a fool or lying if they know they are on tape.

I was gonna say people ask me all the time if I’m recording the inside of the cab because I have a front facing dash cam. Even though I say I’m not recording inside, how do they know I’m not? Inside cams come in very small sizes and are tough to spot sometimes. If people thing you may be recording, they probably won’t make up some bullshit anyway. Just get a cheap ass camera and pretend to record people lol

How long so you guys save the footage? Because some woman might say you raped her well I don’t know 36 years from now?

I have heard of cases where Uber has looked at people’s dash cam footage. But I had a time they would even look at my dash cam footage.

I doubt Uber or Lyft will care enough to look at your dash cam footage. It is probably better for you and your lawyer, should you have to sue them. As far as saving the videos, wait until after the FBI background check clears and your good to go…lol Just kidding. Mine just writes over and over. It can also let you take pictures too I think. I have a Vantrue N2. I will get one of them signs though. I just looked up that you have to disclose that they are being recorded. Don’t wanna get sued for that.

Agreed this is 2018 at this point it’s as common sense as insurance. I don’t want to hear that someone said you punch them in the face and you didn’t because you didn’t have a cam.

Not only can it help with passenger issues, but if there’s an accident it can save you an insurance deductible. Mine paid for itself because the poorly written police report made it sound like the accident was my fault. Within 30 minutes of sending footage to the other guy’s insurance, they called me to setup everything and paid for it all.