Dog in the car? Not okay

You have to vacuum after every dog.
If your local gas station has a vacuun cleaner, it takes 4 quarters and 5 minutes of your time.
I want to see how they will compensate that without receipt

it’s not a matter of vacuming, I start having problems after just one minute or two of being in close proximity, my eyes tear up and i feel difficulties breathing.

This is soooooo true but it seems to get paid by Uber or the PAX, you would have to be out of commission for a full hour. It is completely @@@@@@ed to put that restriction on the driver. It might take 15 total minutes to find a station and vacuum it up for 5 minutes. If you have to wait 60 minutes then the cost is going to be $20 minimum and I am going to get the back part of my car detailed for the price. I would vacuum it up immediately so hair is not on the clothes of future PAX and spread throughout your car.

I got one british woman from the vet.
she said her dog was hyperalergenic or something of that sort, and had hair instead of fur.
I grabbed my cordless vacuum from the trunk, expecting a mess, but couldn’t locate a single hair.
and the dog was white

If it’s dog for blind people I should take them and just clean all, but I usually don’t take pets, if it’s small I tell pax hold it in hands, … Last year I got a request and women called me and asked if I’ll take 2 big dogs( in prius), I said sorry but I cant take them ( like I dont have a room)please try to send request for XL lol …

On a side note. I have severe allergies and asthma. I get 4 shots every 2 weeks. Until I went to an allergist my asthma was so severe I had to use my rescue inhaler before going up 2 flights of stairs (we’re talking life threatening asthma here). Go see an allergist. Primary care docs only treat. They are useless it prevention. Shots help a lot but you won’t think so for at least 6 months.

If this is the case, I would explain to the passenger why and be very apologetic - emphasize the fact that having your eyes water, sneezing…etc will interfere with your driving and possibly make it unsafe. It’s not illegal if they never report it.

I personally have no idea how this would play out legally. I know on a plane they cannot force a person with a service animal to move, if the person next to them has an allergy then the person with allergy has to move. However, I think most people would be understanding if you were sincere about it. Also explain and show them that you hit ‘cancel - do not charge rider’.

Just park behind the bush and hit no-show after 5 minutes.
Use pepper spray on the dog if you smell like uberX and attract

meant to say…you need to quit man. All they are doing is telling you the law and if the law does not get obeyed the person you pissed off to get them to write to uber can and will file a lawsuit against both you. Find another way to make money or get allergy shots!!

I would reach out to the operations manager in your market and explain. Usually “regular” support gives a robotic answer to everything. Given your case, this shouldn’t even be an issue.

In the non totalitarian sense, absolutely. But he sure could see the what was coming. Big Brother surveillance state at constant war with enemies inside and out. Should have titled 1984 “9/11.”

One of those typical “complaining about a complaint” posts. Reminds of me those consumer gripe sites like my 3 cents where the OP posts a complaint about a bad consumer experience. A typical naysayer would just make catty comments, regardless to the whether the complaint was legit or not.

I had a couple of riders with dogs that were not service dogs. The first was a pit bull (which I have a healthy fear of). The rider opened the door and called for the dog, but I told him to hold up so I could put a blanket down, and placed a blanket on the seat and on on the floor in case the dog wanted to lay there.