Does Uber do scheduled rides?

Morning rant.

I was in the middle of dropping off a passenger and I had another ride lined up. As I was dropping my passenger off I got a call from my next one asking where I was, and I mentioned that I would be there within five minutes. She proceeded to tell me that she can’t be late because she’s going to the airport and her flight is an hour and a half. And I told her that I should be able to get her there without a problem but I couldn’t help that I had another ride first. And she just kept insisting that they shouldn’t of been a problem because she scheduled this ride. And I need to be there for her. Part of me wants to cancel because she’s being a bitch about it, but at the same time I do kind of have a heart and I don’t want to screw her, Plus it does have a small surge and is on my way home and should at least be 30 to 40 minute ride. So yeah I’m definitely going to do it but she’s definitely losing some stars for the attitude :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes, you can schedule rides in Uber. But they give the rider a 15 minute window to be picked up so she may not have realized that.

Uber also tells the PAX when you are currently driving another PAX so this person knew.

Not always, if they do driver swap they don’t a lot of the time, or if it’s not a long ETA that I also don’t. There may be other times as well this is what I’ve been able to figure out as a driver and a Pax

At 530 am I’m sure there were not too many drivers on the road to worry about driver swaps and that is why she ended up in her queue

just because she scheduled a ride doesn’t mean anything if you already have a rider. Something went wrong for her if she’s pressing you. Sometimes in this business you can’t have a heart. Most of the time a rider like this will rate you poor and have something negative to say. I’d cancel because her attitude is already bad before you pick her up. She don’t even have the ride there yet and she’s bitching isn’t good for drive. Good luck with this one!

My rating is more important than making $ on a particular ride… if my rating is messed up by this entitled uber 1.0 riders, I would be kicked off the platforms that make big bucks.
She did have a scheduled ride…which is the problem because uber does not connect her with a specific Driver nor do they let Driver know that the Ride coming their way is a scheduled one.

I took her anyway because honestly it was on my way home (I live an hour from the city, and took over half of my time home.) and I don’t like to turn down money. I made $46 on the ride. She wasn’t so bad when she got in the car, but it was a quiet ride. I did four-star her for attitude. It’s good to know that we do have the schedule ride thing, but that’s still her fault for waiting less than two hours before her flight to try to get a ride that would take at least 35 minutes. With the way our city traffic gets with morning commuters, she’s very lucky we didn’t get stuck forever. Between that ride and the short One I had on a surge right before her I made about $70 since 5am, I’ll take that and call it a night :ok_hand:t3:

I had a lady like that the other day…I get the ping & almost immediately she texts telling me the apartment name… I followed the pin…when that didn’t work & I couldn’t figure out how to access her apt, she calls & starts directing me down a construction zone with debris in the road so I can get closer to her… I’m reaching to cancel when I see her in my rear view unable to find me to her left…:no_mouth: idiot…I put on my fake Disney smile & didn’t help her load up cause she was all hurried…like me getting out would take longer…best part, we get stuck at the light by her house for a good 5 min with no cross traffic…awkward! She chilled by the time we got there but it was obvious that drivers couldn’t find her dumb ass…and now ma’am? What have we learned???:wink:

Why are you answering the phone while you are driving a passenger already? Nothing matters but the passenger you currently have.

I was literally parked ending the ride I was on as she called. And even if I wasn’t, it’s not like my phone is in my hands. I’ve heard about so many drivers leaving their phones in their laps while they work. At least I have some common sense to be hands free :woman_shrugging:t2:

Oops… sorry, I took it as you were driving with the passenger. My apologies. Robert (Ted Nugent) Kendzierski needs to back off a bit however.

Yes, Pax can schedule rides. Drivers have no way of knowing is the. ride was scheduled or not.

If her flight is in an hour and a half and she’s not to the airport she’s a dumb cunt.

Cancel and move on

She should have scheduled the ride earlier. Her fault and her problem, not yours. I wouldn’t have risked the low rating or tolerated the attitude either, but I certainly understand why you did. Hope it all worked out in the end.

She would have rubbed me the wrong way. I would have either canceled or gave her a 3 star and explained to Uber why.

had a lady ping me in old town Scottsdale, about a minute after she calls and wants to know where I am, proceeds to tell me that she has been waiting for a long time and that she has to pee as well and that the entire situation is unacceptable… I agreed by hanging up and canceling her… I gave 0 F’s and lost 0 sleep over it .

Exactly. Had one the other day. She was like
“Where you is!?” I was like nope.

Uber has in its app except next ride u can turn on and off now your next pickup now you are doing a job the app builds in the time for you drop off your customer and calculates pick up times for your next customer she was notified that you would be 10 minutes away seven minutes away now if you do not what this go in the app go to help it will so you how to stop good luck