Does this sound suspicious to you? Like credit card fraud?

I picked up two dudes from a motel on Franklin road next to the qt. Then took them to the qt on bells ferry in Acworth, and two more QuikTrip locations both on Barrett Parkway, and then back to their motel. They both bought a bunch of cigarettes and junk food from each one and spent $40 on their ride…

Do I report it or keep my mouth shut? Not even sure how to report that if I should

Why else would someone go to four locations for the same things you can buy at one, and spend $40 riding all over town when there’s a QuikTrip next door to their motel

They pay you to drive not investigate. As long as you wasn’t hurt just collect your fee and keep it pushing. Plus it’s too late your service has already been rendered.

I had a young guy with a book bag. 2 planned stops …came out counting stacks. Then got dropped off in a questionable area… I had an idea what it was but not my job… Minding my biz. Rate 1

Don’t say nothing, service rendered, go on about your business? lol what the fuck?

Your probably right about the credit card fraud and I think you should do something. I don’t quite know what though. Sitting like a knot on a log and doing nothing like some suggested doesn’t seem like something a reasonable man would do.

He could’ve easily cancelled the ride once he got suspicious so what good is it going to do for him to say something once he drove them around to perform these “illegal acts”. Also , speaking from a situation from a friend, if he was to report them they could in return say the driver was ok with taking us multiple stops and we even tipped him in cash. Now of course that would be false but according to rideshare guidelines they would suspend him from the platform and he would’nt be able to drive any longer until that said case has been fully investigated which would be never. Gotta pick ya battles.

There’s the possibility that these QTs had a particular brand of what they wanted or needed at a particular sales price so they went to each location to buy the stock of what they wanted. There is also the possibility of credit card fraud. Without more concrete information though I’d leave it alone.

And some of you make perfect rats. Stop hatin’ & get money. Credit card fraud typically gets refunded. Nosey uber drivers doin’ the most for no reward. My my my. Can’t knock the hustle.

Some of y’all go around driving for 60 cents a mile with tunnel vision. If it doesn’t affect your “little” income, keep it moving. MULES do that. If I see some shady shit that affects someone, imma speak on it. I don’t need a reward. DF

If you are not definitely sure that it is credit card fraud then it’s none of your business. If you over heard them say it was credit card fraud then that is a different story and this is the reason why drivers are ending up in all these altercations out here

Y’all do know that when someone reposts suspicious activity, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are reporting a crime. They are just reporting suspicious activity.

Kind of like you being in your house at night and hear a noise down stairs. You are going to CHECK OUT the suspicious activity right?

I use to smoke cigarettes and there is a limit to what you can purchase at Qt. Also they are at a hotel so they may be from out of town where cigarettes are 12$ a pack. There’s so many scenarios to this. I use to buy cartons from here before I went back to New York when i lived there. I always paid cash though and we don’t know how what form of payment they used

that’s what I was wondering cause now you got a whole problem and a possible death that could’ve been prevented. If you actually witnessed a robbery or an act of fraud then that’s understandable but to just go off of assumptions is crazy

You know what it was.
It is, what it is.
You are now a co-conspirator!!!
Let the fraud specialist handle that.

It ain’t your business just like on first 48 ,they looking for crime so if they go to someone house and its drugs in it I notice they don’t say shit because they are investigating crime only! They will get caught eventually if that’s the case