Does how our car looks affect tips?

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting tip a little below 50% of my last hundred rides. It makes the world of difference when the average tip is between $5-$10. I find that most people that tip work in the service industry or are older adults. But, more often than not the people that I think arent going to wind up doing it which, shocks me even more. Ex. Pretty, rich, young surbaban girl goes 10 minutes then drops a couple dollars in my cup holder then surprised to see its a $20 and a couple 1’s. Not trying to brag but, I’m just curious.

It depends on the customer. 95% of uber’s customers assume they either (a) aren’t supposed to tip (b) tip is included in the price. The remaining 5% remember when they used to take taxis and tipped them. They have enough common sense to know they should also tip their uber drivers.

I don’t think your car can increase your tip but a sloppy or dirty car may decrease it. I think most tippers are predisposed to do so and other factors play into the amount of the tip, not whether the do.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the greatest looking guy, but about 50% of my riders compliment my looks, and 90% of my riders tip ($10 average). Not trying to brag but, I’m just curious.

I put tip sign for two weeks… Tips did increase but ratings took a dive… I took the sign off and I’m back to original rating… 3% riders tip without sign… With sign, that increased to 10%… Go figure.

I wasn’t nearly as lucky, put a sign up and ratings took a dive, didn’t get a dime extra for my troubles. Tips are far and few between, perhaps 3-4% Uber riders, maybe 10% on Lyft.

The tip cup does pretty good with slightly increasing tips as well. Nothing crazy, a full day of work where I got $20 in tips is really good day for Uber. Some days I don’t get a single tip.

I’ll have to try it. I’ve been leaving a couple of dollars sticking out of the cup holder but that doesn’t seem to be working, probably hard for them to see and perhaps a tad bit too subtle.

Tips are hit and miss in my area. Mostly miss. I like when pax says “I’d tip you but all I have is a $20” you should see their faces when I tell them I can make change. Now they have to tip. I always make sure to carry lots of fives and ones on me.

When they ask how you like uber just tell them its helping with your chemo, or better yet your kid’s chemo treatment but unfortunately you are a little short thos week and shes going to miss her treatment.

I was simply stating that the preconceive notion is that rich girls that come from money tend not to tip. I never said anything about my looks/car. I was just wondering if this made a difference and any other person’s business.

Adults my age(20-25), tend to not even look at their purses/ wallets. That’s why I was surprised when a girl who I would normally stereotype did the complete opposite of what I expected. I was just curious of other members take or suggestions on such a topic.

Most tips I receive are disctreetly placed on my center console. Several times I’ve had to holler thank you to the exiting passenger, when I finally noticed their kind offering. Usually, I stash the tips inside the console. Once I couldn’t be bothered to open it so I just dropped the bills in one of the cup holders in front of the console.

I don’t think looks has anything to do with it. I’ve got a friend that isn’t good looking at all, and does quite well. I think if your personable, got a good personality, cheerful, etc., do your job well, your car is clean and you have good personal hygiene, that’s about all that is required. This idea that you have to be handsome or pretty is nonsense.

Nicer looks and a nicer car might induce a few pax to show a bit more generosity, but it’s usually not a deal maker / breaker. A tipping type of pax will always reward great, friendly service even if you’re sinfully ugly and you drive an economy car.