Does anyone in here use an ipad/ android tablet for driving?


(Terance TT) #1

I use iPad Pro. I would avoid using an iPad mini if you run multiple gigs at the same time. It’s not powerful enough to stay reliable for more than 9 months. I would use an iPad 6th gen or better with its own cellular connection (no true native gps on the WiFi versions).

(Garrent George) #2

It will be through verizon with cellular it’s only 20 bucks a month and my plan is unlimited everything. Can they still call through the app? It’s a voip connection so I assume it will be fine.

(Phil Lavor) #3

Depends on whether you have an iPhone and WiFi calling enabled. If you do, then yes, you text and call traditionally from the iPad. No, none of the iPads have wireless charging yet.

(Nick Rosario) #4

Because it has no cellular voice capabilities. It is a data only device. Tablets have voice capability but not call or text capability. They have to be matched (at least iPads do) with a cell phone to make cellular calls (they are done as VOIP calls and run through the networks WiFi calling functionality). It will do the new data call option in Uber.

(Andrew Martin) #5

If you are running a Samsung now I would look at a Samsung tab. I’ve been told they have introduced similar functionality.

(Dennis Scott) #6

it’s not the cellular part that determines if it can make calls, it’s the phone you use in conjunction with it. Any iPad (WiFi or cellular) can make phone calls as long as it is paired with an iPhone. Without an iPhone it can do FaceTime or any other app based data call (Facebook, Uber’s new data call, etc.).

(Peter Nelson) #7

My Tab S isn’t paired with any phone, it’s paired with my vehicle’s hotspot. It has its own phone number though that works through any WiFi connection.

(Dolly Sinclair) #8

that’s crazy I wouldn’t think that it would. I use one for my phone. But never thought it could handle a tablet. I might wait on the tablet and just get the foldable galaxy phone.

(Bector Ernest) #9

I’ve tried other brands but Schoche has been the only one to have a strong enough magnet and tight enough grip on the vents to keep it in place.

(Martin Nalba) #10

I tested it in store before buying one. It was able to hold it through the plastic case which is what sold me on it.

(Chris Stipe) #11

For the most part. The key is how you place it when putting the iPad there. I have mine high centered. I try to put it so the magnet is near the bottom of the plate to place the weight more evenly across in all directions.

(Troy Mill) #12

I have two cars with cd’s in them. The older one, I’m putting one of these in. Not a total solution but it does look good, 2012 ES 350…/lexus-es-2007-2012-12-1…

(Este Johnson) #13

The other ES 350 is a 2016. You can get an after market CarPlay/Android Auto, unsure I want to do that. More like a CD mount for it. A shame, it’s a really nice car. Options are still open, but it has that joystick. Works with the existing lcd. The joystick won’t work with the CarPlay which makes it kind of useless

(Marsha_Smith) #14

Samsung Tab S on an iOttie tablet mount. Samsung Note 4 bottom right is on a custom fit ProClip mount. It’s my work phone, nothing on it except the Uber and Lyft apps. The tablet I use for navigation, and for my livery service phone. My personal phone is a Samsung Note 8, and it’s in an iOttie wireless charging mount on the left outside of the pic.

(Abdul Karim) #15

How do you get the passengers pickup and drop off address to go from your device with the Uber app to the navigation tablet?

(Peter Dave) #16

It’s really complicated… I manually input the address… this has the added benefit of avoiding navigation errors that the Uber app can create by using GPS coordinates instead of the actual address, as well as finding better routes than the app will because of using different settings than those the Uber app forces on your navigation app.

(Demitri Pol) #17

I have my 8 inch android tablet mounted in my CD slot along with 2 android phone on each side of my tablet. On the right side I have my LG V30 and the left side I have my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus