Does anyone have Uber on their resume?

Does anyone have Uber on their resume? Thinking I should place it on mine so they don’t think I’m just sitting, doing nothing.

If it’s a customer service job, then put it on, if not, don’t worry about what they think you do with your time.

If it’s your full time gig I would but I’d only put a small blurb on it like Transportation Network Company (TNC) Raiser feb 2016- present

There’s really nobody to be your reference unless you were a particular passengers dedicated driver and that’s a long shot.
I’m not putting it on mine.

I have it on mine. It’s a great conversation piece during interviews

CEO. Of a automated transportation conglomerate that generates 70 billion in sales

Yes of course you have to put it on your resume explaining customer relations, instrument monitoring and safe driving experiences. Thrust me it is much better than many other jobs!

HR folks are all about first impressions :joy: so show them your 5 star rating!:star::star::star::star::star:

Yes even part time put it your resume and job application, I had to use to cover lapse not working after last job, but they wouldn’t respond to background when inquiring about you, one company I had to provide 1099’s and current bank statement that I was doing uber before they would give a real job offer and hire. They even ask would for uber after being hired

Yes! You need to show consistency with employment history. Employers don’t like seeing gaps in between jobs.

Never leave a gap on your resume. Jobs dont like to hire people who sit on their butt while unemployed. I learned that myself. I was unemployed for almost 2 years once. I had a carpet cleaning business I was doing but never added it to my resume. I wasnt making much but it kept me busy. As soon as I added it to my resume my phone rang for a job. Even if you just volunteer somewhere add it to your resume while unemployed. Human Resources hates lazy people.

That’s actually a great question! I’m in the process of updating my resume and I was seriously considering it. I mean, there’s nothing bad about having it on right? And besides it takes a lot of patience to drive for these companies, especially full time. This job definitely requires a lot of critically and analytical thinking also… getting a request and having to figure out best course of action within the first few seconds, where the demand is, where the surge is and etc.

Even after all the pros I dont know why I’m hesitant adding it also lol

Uber is a hustle, its an income. Part-time, full-time, regardless, should be on a resume :slight_smile:

It is a job and the person who interviews you has probably used the service. I tell them in interviews. I can’t just sit at home. I have to stay busy and it offsets my expenses…but I can’t make a career out of it.on my resume it says… providing safe transportation and excellent customer service to clients. Over 1500 5 star rated rides and more than 100 rider compliments.

It depends on what jobs you are applying for. Also you don’t work for uber. You are self employed so you can list it as business owner. It is all how you word it.

I had it posted on my resume because I was driving part time since 2014, it actually impressed the person that interviewed me, now my current supervisor full time job.

As an HR manager, it shows me that applicants are at least trying to earn an income, and theoretically putting in effort. I do ask people where and when they were attempting to drive, and how did they do, and yes, I judge.

Probably shouldn’t call it Human trafficking if you do put it on your resume!:rofl:

If I saw Uber listed on a resume, I would pass and move on to the next resume :smirk:

Well I’m glad you got a great job, but I highly doubt it was because you out Uber down in your resume. Uber will make anyone a driver as long you have a clean background and a decent car.

hey I say do what you wanna do. If you dont want it on your resume dont do it but if you want it on it then just put it on it. I’m sure a lot of employers dont really care